Jardine hits winning Turnberry score

Well I have a lot of results to get through this week so I will make a start.

At Turnberry on 14th. May the elderly members played for the Dr. Scade Trophy which is in memory of a local doctor who if I remember correctly always wore a bowler hat. He was my doctor and as I am still here today he must have been good at his job. Stewart Jardine (12)68 came in with the winning score followed by Michael White (15)71 and Alan Forbes (11)71. In the latest round of the Sunset Trophy played on 16th. May Gordon Ritchie (6)69, Ronnie Mclellan (1)71 and Tom Bennett (6)73 all qualified for the final.

Over at Girvan The Swee Trophy donated by Sinclair Galloway when he was ‘mine host’ of the Swee is played over two rounds which resulted in a win for Paul Brown with two nett scores of 57 + 58=115 followed by David Nelson 61+67=128, Jim Cameron 67+63=130 and Jim Lafferty 65+65=130.

The Alex Thomson Trophy was played for last Sunday is in memory of a local draper who was also a champion golfer. The winner was Martin Lothian (12)60 by virtue of a better inward half than Billy McLatchie (7)60 who was followed by Willie McDines (5)62, Bernie Mills (7)62 and Stephen Johnston (6)62. This competition has a Scratch Trophy which went to Billy McLatchie who had a scratch round of 34+33=67 whilst Willie McDines had 33+34=67 thereby giving the trophy to Billy McLatchie by virtue of a better inward half. Whew! How close can you get, but before you feel too sorry for Willie McDines remember he did win the Bob Tait Trophy recently so he has got something to show for all his efforts.

The Girvan Ladies played in the Handicap Trophy last Thursday with Roz McCulloch coming in with the best score of nett 69 followed by Kathleen Thomson 71, Eva Montgomery 73,and Lynda Gordon 74. On Wednesday 22nd. May both the ladies and gents sections of the Club compete for the Grant Cup with the ladies having the Cancer Competition on Thursday 23rd. May whilst on Sunday 26th. May the gents compete for the Walter Linton Trophy which is in memory of a well known local dentist who was also very adept with a golf club.

DEREK STEWART. Members of Girvan Golf Club were very saddened to learn of the death of Derek Stewart. Derek was a very active member of the Club and for many years was junior convener, in fact many future Club champions came under his guidance. He was so highly thought of that in appreciation of all his hard work the Club made him an Honorary Member. Derek will be sadly missed and the member’s sympathies go out to his family.


We all know how frustrating golf can be particularly as there is no-one else to blame but yourself. However I find it easier to blame the tee as it is the cheapest thing to replace and you obviously do not want to give up the game. Pat Ward-Thomas after doffing three successive fairway woods glared at the offending club and said ‘If you do that once more I will break your bloody neck;’ Now we will forgive Pat his language as he had been a prisoner of war of the Germans during the last war and is best known for having designed and built a short par three course inside the camp. There you are keen golfer spring up everywhere. I wonder where he got the golf balls from? clubs no doubt could be fashioned out of all sorts of implements, because as far as I can see prisoners of war were very skilled at adapting things..


The problems of Scottish football stagger along with constant meetings which do not seem to decide on anything. Money seems to be the root of most of the problems and in golf it does not seem to be fairly spread down the list of competitors with the winner going away with embarrassing riches. Surely all sport would attract more players if they had a more realistic chance of getting a fair share of the pot. But that is just my view as I only play for the pennies I can scoop up on a Probus Thursday afternoon’s golf. Did you know that Craig Wood finished second in the 1939 US Open, fourth in the 1940 US Open and won the last tournament before the second world war intervened wearing a corset. Yes a corset as in the latter tournament he contemplated not entering at all as he had a bad back, however he did play wearing a corset with no doubt official approval. Now there is a thought for the many golfers who come out with that complaint particularly when handing over my winnings.

Well if you have a bad back do not blame it on golf, as the remedy is at hand ‘a corset’ if you can get your wife to part with hers. Whatever you wear remember to enjoy your golf.