Joel is the Saturday medal winner at Girvan club

Girvan golfers have been out in force in all this good weather and in the Saturday medal Joel McCluskey (9)60 came in with a very good score to win.

He was followed by Alan Copland (9)60, John MacLachlan (9)64 and James Baillie (10)64.

On the 9th May the first round of the Swee Trophy was played with Robert McMaster (6)58 leading the field followed by Graeme Andrew (10)60, Andy MacFarlane (13)62 and D. Hill (16)62. This trophy was donated to the Club by7 Sinclair Galloway when he was the proprietor of the Swee.


Sam Snead on youngsters coming on to the tour in the 1960’s ‘look at ‘em! They roll ‘em in from the middle of the fairway- no idea how tough the game is.

They’ll learn, but the trouble is, there will be a new crop of them along about this time next year. Just ain’t no way of keeping ahead of them’. How true, it always happens when you think you have just found out how to play the game.



Have you ever considered what you would be doing if you did not have a golf course to go to and a social bevy afterwards? There is of course the weekly shopping ugh! You can always cut the grass??

There is also the weeding, but how long can you remain on your knees?. You can always read a book, but that is best left to when you are in bed.

You can always go and watch Ayr United, but that is for a Saturday afternoon during the season after having played a round of golf.

So you see how much we owe to those golfers of old who went out and played the game over rough fields with inadequate equipment and popularized the game we enjoy so much these days.

It gave us somewhere to obtain peaceful exercise in fresh healthy air and saved us from the shopping which is best left to those with experience.

We should give thanks to our predecessors, respect the courses they played on and the skill they acquired to manipulate the ball around a course and place it in the required hole in the ground each time.

I accept that improvements are always necessary and a beautifully laid out course is a great advantage coupled with some better equipment as long as it does not outmode the game as it should be played.

But the course should be one that we can all enjoy, as remember the tour professionals of the future have to start somewhere and if it is a very difficult layout they may be put off the game for good and turn to another sport.

Do not even think about it as we like to have an excuse for some exercise in the fresh air. There is always the chance of winning a few bob, but if we go shopping it always cost us more than a few bob.


Just lie back, hands on head and consider nonchalantly who we should be hoping to sign for next season in our push for promotion to the championship.