Ladies winners take centre stage at Girvan

The ladies prizegiving at Girvan Golf Club.
The ladies prizegiving at Girvan Golf Club.

Well Halloween is past, the clocks have changed so you can really say that we are into winter. Christmas will be upon us with all its incumbent problems, but more of that later.

The Girvan ladies last Wednesday 30th. October held their annual dinner and prize giving in the 19th hole where there was plenty of good food and wine available, Maggie’s Pantry would certainly look after all their needs.

The ladies who went home with trophies were as follows:-Roz McCulloch- Royden Trophy , Handicap Trophy, Silver Medal plus the September, December, January, February and April medals.- Liz Neill –Craig Trophy , Jean Dunn 4 Club Trophy and the Girvan Ladies Club Championship, plus the November medal. Lynda Gordon-W.D. McKie Trophy and Knockavalley Cup, Elinor Heggie-Ailsa Trophy , Kintyre (Flag), Captain’s Prize plus the March and July medals. Catharine McCrindle-Jenny Robb Trophy, Past Captain’s Trophy, Farish Shield, the Bronze medal and Bronze Championship plus the June medal. Isobel Leitch-Cancer Trophy and Medals final.

Kathleen Thomson- Arran Rosebowl. Anne Bush- Isobel Connor Quaiche. Cath. Ramsey and Jack Galloway-Nestle Mixed Foursome Quaiche Roz McCulloch and Liz Neill- K.&.A. Adam 2 ball Trophy, Elinor Heggie and Liz Neill- Two’s Competition, Winter Ringer Scratch Liz Neill nett Roz McCulloch, Summer Ringer Scratch Roz McCulloch nett,Elinor Heggie, Eclectic- scratch Elinor Heggie nett Roz McCulloch. The August medal was won by Veronica Hamilton, the May Medal Doreen Cowan. It was great to see so many ladies at this annual function, as prize winner or not everyone who takes part is a winner one way or another.

The Girvan gents hold their annual dinner and prize giving this coming Saturday and if you wish to attend a very attractive menu is on the Club notice board.

Last Sunday the Girvan gents competed for the November medal in a Stableford format the winner being Billy Friery 38 points having a better inward half than Bernie Mills also 38 points followed by Jim Brown 36 points, Alan Gaff, Jim Fyfe Jnr. and Tam Scobie all on 35 points. A very close contest with Billy Friery just managing to win.

On 26th October Turnberry gents competed for the Saturday medal which resulted in a win for Roy Bruestedt (15)69 followed by Paul Ferguson (2)72,Roddy Gardner (11)72, Scott Brown (+2)73 and Billy McCulloch (0)73.

Sadly it appears that The Sunday Post Putter competition closed in September 2011 and has not been re-opened. Our Sympathies go to Jim Lafferty who scored an ace at the 18th. hole in the recent October medal and hope that he did not give his old trusty putter away in great expectations of an Auchterlonie replacement.


Charles Price a respected American golf writer once reduced the rules of golf to three as follows. ‘The entire handbook can be reduced to three rules 1) you do not touch your ball from the time you tee it up until you pick it out of the hole. 2) Don’t bend over when you are in the rough. 3) When you are in the woods keep clapping your hands’. Think about it as it makes a lot of sense.

However Sam Snead had three different rules stating ‘I’ve always had three rules for playing well on tour: no push ups, no swimming and no sex after Wednesday’. So there you are take your pick.

TALES FROM THE CADDYSHACK. As already mentioned Christmas is coming with all the attendant thoughts of what presents to give. Golfers are fairly easy as you can always hear them during autumn pining quietly for a new driver, pitching wedge or some other club which they feel will improve their golf considerably. If that is more than you could afford then some golf balls or wooden tees will no doubt suffice. However there are a lot of interesting books to keep them amused during the worst of the winter weather and I will come up with some suggestions during the coming weeks.

Ayr United beat Queens Park in the cup last Saturday as they were expected to. Mind you Queens Park were no push over and played the better football in the first twenty minutes. The referee seemed to interpret the rules differently to myself and some others. He gave a free kick to Queens Park for a pass-back to the goalkeeper which only he saw. I was also under the impression that free kicks inside the area were usually in-direct. Perhaps I am wrong but you only had to frown at the referee to get a yellow card.. The free kick resulted in a goal for Queens Park and could possibly have affected the result. I wonder how responsible referees decisions are considered to be in the light of lost income to one club or another. Just a thought.

The nights are drawing in and you have to play early if you want to complete a round. Make the most of the chances to play as you never know what winter has in store for us,.