Last tournament for Probus

Christmas is coming and everyone will be preparing for a day of pleasure in good company.

If you have children in your group then it is a very special time of year as just think of the fun you will have on Christmas morning playing with all their toys.

Well amidst all this frivolity the Girvan Probus golfers managed to play their last tournament of 2015 ‘The Wooden Spoon’. This came into being many years ago through Jim McMeikan, a past Probus member walking round Girvan golf course when he came across the head of a wooden club then known as a spoon, but nowadays considered a three wood except the wooden head has become metal. Jim handed the spoon over to another past member of the Probus, Jim Dunlop who refurbished and mounted it on a plinth after which another Probus member Charlie Mackie put the finishing touches. So back to the present with the current Probus golfers competing last Thursday for this handsome trophy. There were two winners on joint scores, with one Alastair Scobie concerned that as the Probus would not be meeting again for three weeks the announcement of his achievement may be forgotten. Now everyone knows of his success and will appreciate why he has had his handicap cut to single figures. Oh I nearly forgot the other winner was Bill Tait.


A happy Christmas to all the Gazette’s readers, whether they play golf or not.

The golfer always looks forward to something that can improve his game, but if it is that good he has already acquired it.

However there is always some new wonderment to bring on a smile. I am staggered at the ability of all the range finders that are now available. It does not matter which course you are on, or where you are on the course, not only can they tell you the distance to the hole but also the hazards between you and the hole.

The only thing it cannot do is select the right club for you and hit the ball, but it may not be too long before that can be handled as well. Somehow all these advances, whilst seeming to improve golf, in some cases do the reverse.

Part of the skill of golf is judging distances, using the right club and the correct swing. All these aids seem to take away a lot of the challenge for the skilled golfer who relies on his talent to achieve a good score.

Still that is just my way of thinking and no doubt the many who have every aid at their disposal will not agree.