Maybole bowling club prizewinners

Maybole Bowling Club prizewinners
Maybole Bowling Club prizewinners

Maybole Bowling Club held its annual Presentation Dance last Friday in the Carrick Centre.

The club would like to thank their sponsors for this year: Jamieson Plant Hire; Bank of Scotland, Maybole; Ladbrokes, Maybole; Interpak, Maybole; and Maybole Auto Services; also Crockets, Ayr for vouchers received. Music for the evening was provided by “Music Box”.

Prizewinners : Gents

Club Champion; (Wm Gray Trophy) Lee McCulloch r/u William Young

President’s Cup; Lee McCulloch r/u Derek Walker

Vice President’s Cup: Lee McCulloch r/u Hugh Paterson

(The 2012 Vice President’s Cup was played in 2013 and won by Lee McCulloch with William Kennedy runner up.)

Novice; Ronnie Wilson r/u Philip McMillan

Matthew Reid Pairs; William Young & Geoff Smith r/u Hugh Paterson & Derek Walker

SBA Rink; Alex Wotherspoon, Ronnie Wilson, Andy Clark, Lee McCulloch; r/u Sam Waugh, Jackie Dewar, Peter Ogg, Geoff Smith

SBA Triples: (Robert Turner Trophy) Ronnie Wilson, Andy Clark & Lee McCulloch; r/u Eddie Campbell, William Young & William J Grant

SBA Pairs; (John Conkie Memorial Cup) Andy Clark & Lee McCulloch; r/u Alex Wotherspoon & Hugh Paterson


Nominated Mixed Pairs; (SBA) (Shield) Rea Dewar & Jackie Dewar; r/u Anne Walker & Derek Walker

Mixed Two Bowl Pairs; (Hannah trophy) Helen Sloan & Derek Walker; r/u Betty Hannah & Ronnie Wilson

Mixed Pairs; (William Reid Memorial Cup) Helen Sloan & Ronnie Wilson; r/u Frances Clark & Alex Davidson

Mixed Triples; Sheena brown, Jackie Dewar & Ronnie Wilson, r/u Elsie Hoggitt, Helen Sloan, & Alex Davidson

Peter McEwan Shield; Anne Walker, Jackie Dewar & Derek Walker r/u Isobel Johnstone, Betty Hannah & Frances Clark

Peggy Kilpatrick Trophy; (Senior nominated mixed pairs) Frances Clark & Andy Clark; r/u Anne Walker & Ronnie Wilson

Tom Hind Memorial Cup; Derek Walker r/u Anne Walker

The William Bulloch Trophy; (Mixed singles) Eddie Campbell r/u Anne Walker

Marble Bowl; Derek Walker r/u John Carlyle

Memorial Park Cup; (Mixed singles) Geoff Smith r/u Elsie Hoggitt

League Trophy; (Cassillis) Helen Sloan


Club Champion; (Ericson Rose Bowl) Avril Reid r/u Elsie Hoggitt

President’s Cup; Elsie Hoggitt r/u Sandra Clark

Vice President’s Cup; Anne Walker r/u Sandra Clark

Ladies Pairs; (Flora Conkie Trophy) Elsie Hoggitt & Sandra Clark; r/u Irene McCrorie & Helen Sloan

Senior Ladies Pairs; (Rose Bowl) Elsie Hoggitt & Anne Walker; r/u Bette Coulter & Avril Reid