Carrick second best in battle of the penalties

McLaren 9

Carrick 0

CARRICK slumped 9-0 away to McLaren in a stop-start match which was never allowed to run for more than three phases without the referee’s whistle being blown.

Despite glimpses of what might have been on the rare occasions when the match was allowed to flow, neither side looked like scoring any tries for the duration of the match and it became a battle of penalty kicks from 30 metres out which McLaren ultimately won, with Carrick unable to hit the target with any of their attempts on goal.

Next week, Carrick will be aiming for a better result when they host Clydesdale at home.

Carrick: F. Thomson; R Knight, S Birnie, E Alexander, A Kerr; E McGregor, S Shearlaw; W Wyllie, G Alexander, W Deans (capt), J Urquart, M Eaglesham, S Alexander, C Reid, D Templeton. Subs: E McKay, G Steel, S Bryden, J Alexander