Never give up in golf - no matter what the weather throws at you

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Well when it is not raining the temperature has been freezing, so very few have ventured on to the golf courses even brass monkeys have found it too cold for comfort.

Hopefully the weather will get warmer and keep dry. I have a sister in South Africa who advises me that they have a water shortage and with the temperature a cool 29C they are looking forward to some rain. Watching the golf on TV you notice everyone is in short sleeves, the very thought of which makes you shiver.

Professional golfers are usually provided with plenty of open necked short sleeved shirts and excellent waterproof clothing, but very few play in freezing conditions so you rarely find any high quality warm clothing in the golf shops.


Bobby Jones on the pleasure of playing golf ‘No-one will ever have golf under his thumb. No round ever will be so good it could not have been better. Perhaps this is why golf is the greatest of games. You are not playing a human adversary; you are playing a game. You are playing old man par.’ That says it all, except he perhaps forgot to mention that it has to be enjoyed, win or lose.


Tiger woods whose name in known by many is currently ranked 802 in the world, but he has years in front of him as proved by Gus Andreone who during the past month at the advanced age of 103 hit a hole in one at a 113 yard hole in Florida. He is believed to be the oldest person to have hit an ace so you see golf is for those of all ages as you never know when you will next win a tournament. An example of this is Padraig Harrington, a past Open winner, who has gone eight years since his last win on the European Tour, that is until he won the recent Portugal Masters.

So there you are never give up, but one word of warning is that it is reckoned that the average golfer will burn 238 calories an hour carrying his own clubs whilst playing golf. The professional usually has a caddy so it could be that he will burn the calories, particularly when you consider the size of bag he has to carry.

I mentioned last week the idea of giving golf balls as a Christmas present and whilst there are loads to choose from Titleist like to boast that they are the best. Their history goes back to 1932 when a rubber manufacturer Phil Young missed a putt to lose out on a very important tournament. This upset him so much that he had the ball x-rayed and found that the core was off centre. So he had the perfect excuse that his equipment was at fault for the missed putt which made him dedicate himself to designing and manufacturing golf balls of the highest quality always in perfect condition. This of course meant that golfers would have a ball they could trust to perform on every shot with no excuses, naturally providing they hit it properly. This then laid the foundation on which the Titleist brand was based. In 2016 Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls have been teed up some 21,347 times across the world wide professional tours. Titleist are bringing out more and more different balls every year to excite not only the professional golfer but also those aspiring amateurs who like to play the game with the best ball they can afford. Tell a golfer that you have an item of equipment that will improve his game and the funds will also suddenly become available. So there you are the ideal Christmas gift, the latest Titleist ball may whet his/her appetite and will not cost too much relatively speaking. I will hopefully have more suggestions next week.