New league on the way

the West Region of Junior football will undergo a dramatic facelift at the end of the season.

The proposal brought forward by St Anthonys FC and Lugar Boswell Thistle will see an end to district divisions like the Ayrshire and Central and will now merge all clubs in the region into the same league structure.

Members clubs voted on the proposal at last week’s AGM and it was passed by 31 in favour and 30 against. Three clubs didn’t vote.

The League formation for season 2012/13 will see a the West Region Premier League Division One replace the current Super League Premier League and will be made up of the top-ten finishers this season, plus the top two from the First Division this season.

The West Region Premier League Division Two will consist of 12 clubs and will be made up from the bottom two clubs of the Super League Premier Division and the clubs that finished between third and tenth in the current First Division, the Ayrshire District champions and Central District League First Division winners from this season.

The West Region Division One will be made up of 12 clubs: the bottom four of this season’s First Division; the clubs that finish second, third and fourth in the Ayrshire District; and second to sixth placed sides from the Central League First Division.

Girvan chairman Tam McCreadie said his side voted in favour of the new structure as they felt it was in the best interests of the club. He said: “We’ve got to look after our club first and foremost. The new structure, we believe, makes it easier to stay in the top leagues.

“Right now, with four sides in danger of going down, I think it makes this the hardest league in junior football right now, so we’re looking after our own.”

In total, there would be five new leagues and an end to the playoff. Promotion and relegation between all divisions in subsequent seasons will be top two up and bottom two down.

Elsewhere at Hamilton Park, the club have missed out on Aaron Connolly after he signed for Cumnock, after spending four months on loan with The Seasiders. n The Girvan committee are appealing to any local farmer for their help to maintain their ground and cut their grass around the pitch. If you can help, you should contact Tam on 07736 397531 or Ronnie on 07761 867 717.