No mention of Mulligans at Girvan tournament

The Girvan ladies have been out in force of late competing for the Gladys Gray Trophy in what can be considered a typical Gladys Gray choice of competition where each competitor is allowed three Mulligans during the round.

For anyone unclear of what a Mulligan is, it is where if you have a bad shot you can chose to play another shot without penalty. If however you go through the round without using all of your Mulligans you can add up to three points to your Stableford score.

Intriguing is it not and you can see the late Gladys Gray having a chuckle over it. The winner was Catharine McCrindle on 37 points with Roz McCulloch runner-up on 32 points. No mention is made of the use of Mulligans so I will say nothing on that score.

In the ladies Knockavalley Bogey competition which you will perhaps understand is matchplay against the course Anne Bush came in all square but with a better inward half than Catharine McCrindle also on all square.

Both excellent scores in the circumstances.

In the ladies August Medal Veronica Hamilton nett 73 won by virtue of a better inward half than Roz McCulloch also on nett 73.

In the Girvan Gents August medal Andy McFarlane came in to win (12)61 followed by Tam McFeeley (10)63, Jim Lafferty (10)63, Robert McCluskey (8)64 and Robert McLeish (5)64. Willie McMeikan on 64 had the lowest gross score of the round. This coming Saturday Past Captains of Girvan Golf Club were due to compete for the ‘Past Captains Jug’ but it has now been decided that this competition will have to be re-scheduled.


Walter Hagan never said a truer word when he commented ‘Short putts are missed because it is not physically possible to make the little ball travel over uncertain ground for three or four feet with any degree of regularity.’


You will no doubt be aware that many of the American Presidents are, or were golf fanatics. Dwight D. Eisenhower seemed to hold most of his meetings on a golf course, and Donald Trump a Republican Presidential Nominee quipped that current President Barack Obama ‘Plays more golf than the professionals who play for a living’.

However it is only now that with his presidency winding down that you find Obama more often on a golf course. Barak Obama states that he has played 300 rounds of golf so far as President playing off an ‘honest 13 handicap’. He states that his drives are straight, irons good, chipping OK, bunker play terrible and putting decent.

Obama confesses ‘I’m not a hack, but I am not quitting my day job’.

An honest man with a sense of humour and when you compare his handicap with other Presidents you will find Ronal Reagan, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were all thought to have played off 12 with John F. Kennedy 14 so he is right there in the middle.

I understand that in a casual game Bill Clinton used to hit several balls choosing the best one from where to play his next shot. Woodrow Wilson during his presidency is recorded to have played at least 1000 rounds of golf which equates to around three rounds a week. Trump, who owns numerous golf courses around the world including Turnberry, has a handicap of three so we can appreciate how much golf he must play to achieve that. But they all enjoyed their golf and so should you.