On the Fairways

With the weather cold, take the opportunity to watch Bobby Jones's "How to Play Your Best Golf" DVD ahead of your next golf game.
With the weather cold, take the opportunity to watch Bobby Jones's "How to Play Your Best Golf" DVD ahead of your next golf game.

Well the weather has been very cold of late and I am not aware if anyone ventured on to the golf course competitively as I have not seen any competition results either at Turnberry or Girvan.

Girvan members are reminded that this coming Saturday 28th. February is the final round of the Winter Stableford and Sunday will be the March Medal. Hopefully the weather will improve to enable both events to be played


Back in 1914 Harold Hutchinson in his book ‘Memories of Westwood Hoe’ sought to tell the tale of a mischievous rabbit ‘ Once upon a time there was a rabbit which played a remarkable practical joke on the golfers of Westwood Hoe.

With great determination it refrained from any onset upon the turf in the neighbourhood of the hole which might give warning of its presence, but made use of the hole itself as an entry providentially constructed, and dug down from the bottom of the hole, nobody discovered how far.

Of course the result was that as party after party came to the hole they were unable to retrieve their ball which had gone down into the bowels of the earth.’ So what could the rabbits possibly be doing with all those golf balls.

One for you to think about but the lost balls were apparently never retrieved, as digging up a green can be very expensive and cost more than the lost balls.


There are always problems with golf at this time of year, you can have bright sunny days and freezing temperatures, or warm temperatures with wind and rain. It seems that you cannot win, so when that happens either curl up with a good book, watch DVDs of how to play golf by Bobby Jones or go and watch Ayr United, Girvan Juniors play football. More of the latter later, but in the meantime you can sit back in a comfortable chair and read this Caddyshack article.

Apart from the vast wealth of local man Donald Trump a lot of the money in golf over the past few years has emanated from the Far East and the Singapore Open founded in 1961 supports this as it had grown financially to $6 million by 2010.

With money like that on offer it attracted a lot of top golfers determined to take some home with them and it therefore required a lot of single minded concentration to do this particularly by one golfer in 1972.

Jimmy Stewart, the golfer not actor, had reached the third hole and as he approached his ball for his second shot a ten foot cobra slithered on to the course and made a bee-line for it. Not knowing if a rule covered a snake devouring his ball and at the same time not prepared to lose his ball Jimmy attacked and killed the cobra with his three iron. But before Jimmy could play his shot amazingly, a small but just as lethal cobra came out of the mouth of the dead cobra and made for him.

The three iron was swung again with just as much purpose as before to kill the second snake before Jimmy could continue his round.

That is enough to put any golfer off his stroke and although Jimmy Stewart did not win the tournament he did win some of the prize money plus a lot of credit for his actions.

Well done Jimmy Stewart for continuing to play on, but one wonders where his caddy was, surely in that part of the world this must have been a somewhat commonplace occurrence. I must ask my ubiquitous caddymaster what the caddie’s position is in a situation like this.

You never know what you will come across on a golf course, but the animals Girvan golfers face are usually dogs, seagulls and false handicappers.

Mind you at Turnberry the odd dead sea mammal sometimes gets washed ashore and you have to put up with the smell of it rotting.


Well now to the football, Ayr travelled up to Peterhead last Saturday and apparently got put in their place to the tune of 2-0. As Peterhead is too far for me to travel I went to see Girvan play the highly placed Kilwinning side.

The result was 3-2 to Kilwinning, the first goal being scored before the Girvan team had settled, but as the game went on Girvan did their best to come to terms with a good Kilwinning side.

However the referee allowed Kilwinning to score from a position that was so far offside that the scorer himself must have felt embarrassed..

We know that both Ayr United and Girvan Juniors can do better, so come on, do not keep us waiting too long for some deserved points.