On the Fairways

Gene Sarazen, one of the all time golfing greats.
Gene Sarazen, one of the all time golfing greats.

It may have been wet and windy last Sunday morning but the afternoon was sunny, but with still some wind which did not deter the Girvan golfers from turning out to play in the Club’s oldest trophy, the Cockburn Medal first competed for in 1872.. To prove that a good tune can still be played on an old fiddle Jack Galloway came in to win with a superb score of (10)61 followed by John McDowall (10)64, Willie McMeikan (0)66 and Stevie Johnson (5)67. Willie McMeikan had the best scratch score of the competition.

You will no doubt recall that the first round of Turnberry Golf Club’s David Logan trophy had to be abandoned due to fog, but the second round was played on Tuesday 7th.. April with the following scores. David Nelson (5)68, Duncan Kerr (5)70. Mark McMillan (2)70 and Bob Sloan (17)71. The Turnberry Wednesday medal on 8th. April resulted in a win for Richard Johnston (14)69 followed by Steven Stamper (+1)71, Billy McCulloch (+1)72 and Scott Fraser (20)72.


Sam Snead once said ‘Golf is like driving a car, as you get older you get more careful’.

Gene Sarazen at the age of seventy-four commented ‘When you are my age you cannot remember a practice round the next day anyway’.

Jack Galloway on winning the Cockburn Medal ‘I have won it before you know’. This week the quotes are from the older brethren of golf who as they say never fade away, only lose their balls.


The mounds of earth keep growing at Turnberry, it seems that soon the only thing you will be able to see will be the fountain. I am assured that when it is all completed it will be wonderful. Mind you when I go to a golf course I expect to see driving ranges and green keepers huts, if they are hidden from view I wonder why?

Most golfers will have been glued to the TV over the weekend with the Masters drawing our attention. I am delighted to see that the greens are softer than usual which has caused some of the putts to fall short instead of racing past the hole. Also I am glad that the grass has been allowed to grow around the greens giving the ball a chance to stop before falling into the water. This makes it all more like the courses I am conversant with and much more enjoyable to watch than it has been in previous years where golf was played on greens virtually impossible to putt on. But having said that Augusta is terrific viewing with the flowers and shrubs making it all so attractive. I am wondering at the rough of which there does not seem to be any, if you go off the fairway into the trees you are on wood chippings where it is much easier to find your ball, but I have no experience of playing off wood chippings so cannot comment on if they are harder to play off than the rough you can find at Turnberry.. Did you notice how far the golfers are hitting the ball, incredible distances and all usually onto the fairway. At one hole of some 167 yards a nine iron was used and the ball hit very high so as to stop it on the green between two sets of bunkers, it is a completely different form of golf than I am used to

Jordan Spieth had been fancied from the start and the bookies were giving terrible odds on him, so we all look for an outsider in the hopes that the odds will be better. However my picks are never very good as proved by my selection for the Grand National which I am led to believe is still running. Anyway congratulations to Jordan Spieth who certainly deserved to win and never as far as I was aware played safe, he went for everything. We must not forget Justin Rose who also went for everything and did not stop chasing Spieth until the winning put went into the hole. A well deserved second place equal with Phil Mickelson.

Never mind what these top professionals do, just play your own game and enjoy the company you will be in.

*Football. It is very depressing to be an Ayr United supporter and what must be even even worse is being an Ayr United forward finding that no matter how many goals you score your defence will let in more. We all went crazy last Saturday when Ayr went two goals up against Peterhead only to see them score four goals in retaliation which could have been prevented with a more active goalkeeper and defence. It is such a pity as Ayr deserve to have a better team.

Mind you I noticed that Girvan beat Muirkirk by 4-2 last Saturday which looks as if they will have a good team with good coaching for next season.