On the Fairways

With the better weather more golf is being played and the Girvan club members were out on 20th May competing for the Grant Cup which was won by John MacLachlan (8) with 39 Stableford points followed by Garry Hilliard (9), alson on 39 but beaten on the inward half. Willie McCluskey (15) 38 points and Alex Kerr (15) on 36 points were next to follow.

On the 24th May the Girvan members competed for the Walter Linton Trophy in memory of a local dentist and championship golfer. This was won by Alan Copland (11) 62, followed by Jim Brown (5) 63 and Dougie Hamilton (8) 63. Jim Brown had the best scratch score of the round.

Meanwhile over at Turnberry in the Championship Tees competition on the Ailsa Course Neil Dawson (6) 76 came in with the best score followed by Gareth Rae (4) 77, David Strachan (2) 78 and Dominic Booth also on (2) 78. In the latest round of the Turnberry Sunset tournament the qualifiers were Jack Galloway (9) 78, David Pitman (16) 82 and Derick Hunter (19) 82.


Bob Hope: “The last time I played a round with Vice President Agnew he hit a birdie also an eagle, a moose an elk and a Mason.”

Bobby Jones aged 45 in 1947 stated “My handicap? Arthritis.” The curse of many fine golfers finding that old age does not come alone.


I was watching the BMW PGA Championship over the weekend and was disappointed to see that on Saturday they glossed over showing us the bunker shots and those played out of difficult places. Now these are the shots I want to see as it shows the real skill of the golfer whereas the chips to the green become monotonous after a while, although I must admit a chip with a seven iron of some 197 yards is a bit beyond my ken. However I must agree that on Sunday they did show some of the bunker shots and I noticed that there was a lack of revetted faced bunkers.

The golfer from Thailand Thongchai Jaidee, whose name I would rather spell than pronounce put so much backspin on the ball that it nearly ran back to him. He must have hit the ball very hard to make it spin so much, something that requires a lot of practice.

Nice to see Miguel Angel Jimenez can still be up there competing with the young tyros making them aware that experience still counts. Another hole in one for the Spaniard making it ten in all in tournaments. As you know a lot of golfers go through their lives without that pleasure, I have one and the certificate proudly hangs on my wall. The winner was the young Korean Byeong-hun An who played superbly. He was an interesting golfer to follow, particularly on the Saturday when he appeared to wander all over the course but still managed to find the greens and sink crucial putts. Ah well I must not dwell on the distances and accuracy of these fellows as it will put me off the game. I know what will be more depressing and that will no doubt be watching the distances these lady golfers hit the ball at Turnberry in their Open in a couple of months time. Still golf is a game when as you get older you appreciate that loss of distance has to be compensated by chipping and putting accuracy. So never give in just follow Jimenez’s example.