On the Fairways

Zach Johnson, the 2015 Open Champion.
Zach Johnson, the 2015 Open Champion.

A busy week for golf with the Open having weather problems, but more of that later.

The Girvan gents competed on 12th July for the Ardmillan Cup which was won by Willie McMeikan (0)61 followed by Jim Lafferty (10)63, Graeme Andrew (8)63 and Ian McCulloch (16)63. Naturally Willie McMeikan had the best gross score of the round.

In the Girvan gents four-ball Darren Bye and John McLachlan came in with the winning score of nett 61 followed by Paul Morrison and Kyle Catling on 63 and Allan Clark with David Mackintyre also on 63.In the Fergus McCrindle Cup played over the Girvan course on Friday 17th. July Paul Morrison came in with the winning score of (24)63 followed by Allan Clark (16)64, William Brampton (12)65 and David Nelson (5)68 who also had the lowest gross score of the round

The Girvan ladies have also been active competing for the Jean Dunn Trophy to be played with 4 clubs and a putter, Susan Low came in with the winning score followed by Jill Bone. The Ladies medal final winner was Roz McCulloch on nett 62, a very good score for the Ladies Champion who was followed by Cath Ramsay.


With the Women’s Open shortly upon us a few quotes to do with women’s golf may seem appropriate. Joyce Kazmeirski who was winless on the LPGA tour for 14 years stated ‘It’s a hard way to make an easy living’. Ayako Okomoto was asked what club she used to birdie a hole,’A putter’. Ask a silly question and you get an appropriate answer.

Lee Trevino’s grandfather’s advice was ‘Son, the only way to forget a woman is with another one’.



Well we will all have been watching on TV the highly paid professionals in expensive golf gear with a highly paid caddie competing in the Open at St. Andrews, however it was an unpaid amateur who led the field on Sunday night after three rounds. What an achievement by Paul Dunne from a small town outside Dublin for seeing off all those top ranking professionals.

He looked a little embarrassed when his mum rushed up to him at the end of his round and threw her arms around him in a big hug.

Well that was something, as no matter where he finally finishes he will not get a greater reward than that. He will of course win the silver medal should he beat off the other amateurs who are all doing well. It is amazing the wind that blew up at St. Andrews on the east coast as it is usually the west coast that experiences gale force winds. It was nice to see the golfers who managed to harness the wind to their advantage, particularly with regard to the putting.

I trust that all the Girvan golfers appreciated the absence of any real rough over the Open course as compared with their own course. The St. Andrews rough is fine and whispy, where a ball could be easily found and comfortably played out of. I only saw one lost ball and that was by Eddie Pepperell who hit the hotel at the 17th. hole.

With all that wind about it was surprising to see so many shots hit high, the art of links golf is to keep the ball low and if possible harness the wind to your advantage. The Bobby Jones recommendation to keeping the ball low is to play it more off the right toe. Try it and see if it works as this part of the country also suffers from high winds. It is by trying all these different techniques that makes golf so interesting, particularly if they work.