On the Fairways

Steven Stamper, G Mackintosh and B Jamieson
Steven Stamper, G Mackintosh and B Jamieson

We are now well into the golfing season and the Girvan Open competition The Stevenson Trophy was played last Sunday. However this year the handicap section of the tournament has its own trophy, the Gary Bryden Memorial Trophy presented to the Club by Jim Bryden, Gary’s father who accompanied by Gary’s brother Mark, was on hand to make the presentation.

The weather was good, so there were no excuses and the winner of the Stevenson Trophy was Steven Stamper of Girvan Golf Club with a gross score of 62 followed by Tom McInally of Loudon Gowf Club on 64. The Gary Bryden Trophy was won by B. Jamieson (7)59 of Brunston Castle followed by Adam Scott (18)60 of Leadhills Golf Club, Graeme Andrew (7)62 Of Girvan Golf Club and Robert McMaster (4)63 also of Girvan Golf Club. Jim Bryden was pleased to present the trophies to both the winners. Entries were down this year, but then all golf clubs are finding entries down so we cannot complain. The Girvan Golf Club wishes to thank all the sponsors for their generous sponsorship for this popular open event which has always attracted good golfers from far and wide.

Pictured are Mark Bryden, B Jamieson, Jim Bryden and G Mackintosh

Pictured are Mark Bryden, B Jamieson, Jim Bryden and G Mackintosh

Every year there is a clash of the Titans on Brunstone Castle golf course between the might of Brunston’s Dad’s Army and the power of age as provided by the Girvan Probus Club. Captain Mainwaring’s boys have usually won by a large margin, but this year the Probus gave them a fright as under the guidance of Bob Cronie the Probus lost by the narrowest of margins of four games to three. Unfortunately your truly lost on the last green down to the last putt.’ Head hung in shame, but there is always next year


Some famous names from entertainment have enjoyed, if that is the correct word, themselves on the golf course and naturally have made various quotes on their performance. Clint Eastwood twirling his cowboy revolvers stated ‘I couldn’t tell you what I like about golf. Just when you think you have got it mastered, it lets you know you haven’t. I’m just crazy enough to do it’.

Jack Lemmon ‘ I would rather play Hamlet on Broadway without rehearsal than tee off at Pebble Beach on television.’ So there you are, golf has an effect on the famous no matter who they are.


Well the ladies have left Turnberry to grace another golf course in the chase for dollars.

They certainly did grace Turnberry golf course with the Korean ladies always smiling no matter what disaster their last shot had put them into. These ladies proved that you do not have to be big and muscular to play good golf in any weather, and the Turnberry weather proved that. We hope that they will grace us with their presence again in the not too distant future.

In considering the excellent performances by lady golfers we should perhaps remember those who gave so much to their cause and in doing so consider Nancy Lopez who was the LPGA Champion in1978, ’85 and’89. It would have been nice to say she also won in 1997 but she came runner-up again for the fourth time. Nancy Lopez grew up in New Mexico and was a sensation in her rookie year 1978 winning nine times.

Her effect on the Women’s game was like that of Arnold Palmer on the men’s game in the 1960’s. Judy Rankin said ‘They have the wrong woman playing Wonder Woman’ No matter who she was playing and no matter the state of the game Nancy Lopez kept up a dazzling smile and was always approachable to her fans.

She had three daughters by her second husband and stated that ’I’ve never felt a career was more important than a family, or life in general. Some professional athletes are so tied up with themselves they forget what got them there. I want to be remembered as a person who appreciated what was done for me’.

Nancy Lopez was considered to be a very genuine person both on and off the course , obviously enjoyed her game and no doubt now enjoys competing with her daughters. Remember it is a game to be enjoyed.