On the Fairways

September already and it looks as if summer arrived last Sunday, but will it last?

I now have the result of the Girvan Golf Club gent’s Captains Prize. Jim Crawford came in with the winning score (12)60 to take whatever surprise Gregor Mackintosh has in store for him.

Gavin Stewart (7)62 was runner-up followed by Hugh Boyd (13)63, Martin Campbell (9)63, Alec Dunlop (8)65 and Stuart White (3)65. Stuart had the lowest gross score on 68.

Over at Turnberry Tom Paterson partnered by Roddy Gardner won the Francis I.I’L Brown Trophy (Pineapple Cup) with a nett 65. This is a better ball four ball medal play under handicap.


Peter Dawson on being approached back in 2005 about the possibility of women some day playing in The Open ‘We want evolution at the R&A, not revolution’.

Patrick Campbell, otherwise Lord Moyniham, once stated ‘Golf, in fact, is the only game in the world where a precise knowledge of the rules can earn one a reputation for bad sportsmanship.’ So there you are two profound statements..


Golf is full of debates as to which is better.

Now consider very slow play against very fast play. Slow play infuriates all those playing behind as it usually means having to wait on every shot and that builds up tension. It can often give you time to reflect on club selection and bring doubt into mind. The average amateur tries to proceed around a golf course at a leisurely pace often conscious of those playing behind, but knowing that his/her place is immediately behind the game in front. But just let us consider the top professional golfer playing in a big tournament, even in a two ball.

This often takes up to five hours and is a bad influence on youngsters watching as they like to emulate their betters. We realize that a lot of money may rest on every shot but to take an age lining up a shot or a putt puts a strain on all including the spectators who come to the conclusion that nobody should follow this boring approach. .

Now to consider the alternate, fast play.

The exponents of this can be thought more infuriating than the dawdlers. If you are playing at a reasonable pace keeping your place behind the golfers in front, it can be very annoying to have the golfers behind you charging up the course in an effort to get through which in many cases is not on. Some golfers seem to think getting through the game in front is more important than playing their own game. An acceptable round of golf is usually played in around 3 ½ hours giving time to search for golf balls which may have gone astray.

To pressure unnecessarily those in front is bad manners particularly if they are keeping their place. There is of course a situation where there is nobody in front of your game and if you feel harassed by those behind, let them through and allow yourself time to enjoy your game in peace.

widely advertised, If you want to play the course that has been played on by the great and the good for over one hundred years you must get a move on as it will shortly become the new Ailsa course. That of course will be a challenge in its own right and something to The Turnberry Ailsa course will be closing soon to make the alterations that have been look forward to and enjoy.