On the fairways

After the festive break this is my first chance to wish everyone A HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2016.

May all your putts drop and may you find every ball that dares to go into the rough. Well that is, unless you are playing against me then it is the reverse, in other words it is all my putts that should drop etc..

Generosity is not always available in golf, and usually putts are never given if it can win the hole.

With the weather such as it is only the Probus Club have ventured forth over the Girvan course and that only over 8 holes last Thursday which won by Bob Cronie with a better score than he usually gets in good weather..

The Girvan Golf Club’s New Year Cup will be played as soon as the weather and the course allows. The bridge at the 15th. hole is currently out of use so anyone playing that part of the course will have to use the bridge at the 18th. hole.

The Annual General Meeting of Girvan Golf Club will be held on Sunday 31st. January 2016 in the 19th. Hole, courtesy of Margaret & Stanly Milligan. The meeting will start promptly at 6pm. and there will be a lot to discuss and decide upon. It is incumbent upon as many members able to attend to be there as the format of 2016 Championship will be one of the main topics to be discussed.


Royal Portrush is again on the Open calendar and back in 1951 the Open was won there by Max Faulkner who gave as his incentive for winning ‘ I paid £1,000 for this car. That was a lot of money back in the fifties. So my last words to my wife at London Airport were ‘If I don’t win the Open I’ll have to sell this damn car’. Well I wasn’t going to let that happen, was I?’

Tommy Armour well known as a past champion once pronounced ‘There is no need to tell anyone who has played a great deal of championship golf that it is the short game that decides the contest’. We all know how important that part of the game is.


Well we will all have been out playing with out new toys and taking care to show the giver how much they are appreciated. Mind you if anyone wants to give me a putter make sure that the guarantee for sinking putts has not run out. I shall just have to buy Ken Brown’s book on putting for myself as at that price it must surely be worthwhile or nobody would bother publishing it, and sigh! I did not get one in my stocking,

It is interesting to note that Donald Trump was born on 14th. June 1946 and thereby comes under the star sign of Gemini which forecasts that as he unable to see himself as others sees him, he may get himself into a bit of trouble this year. He may not get the support that he enjoyed previously so he should perhaps step back and take stock. We must hope that he does not stop the improvements he is making to Turnberry, one of his better decisions.

There are always complaints that a ball in professional hands travels too far and that I can agree with, but as I get older I find that I cannot get the ball to travel as far as it once did and have to rely on keeping it on the fairway. You can always of course hit one down the fairway then turn to your opponent with a soulful expression and say ‘I suppose your drive will be well beyond that’ and then watch his expression as he winds himself up to belt the ball out of sight. Ah well! I enjoy my golf and mostly keep my tongue firmly in my cheek.