On the Fairways: Good to see Girvan course fully open

Well it is very nice to see the Girvan golf course fully open even to having the proper greens in use.

A well-maintained course only needs winter greens when there is hard frost and then only in the direst conditions.

The Girvan golfers do not mind the odd puddle on the course just as long as they can play golf, as a good waterproof pair of shoes takes care of wet greens and fairways leaving the golfer to participate in their favourite exercise.

Girvan is fortunate to have such a good course which attracts people from far and wide. The views from the front eight are stunning and even the back ten holes have attractive views with a river running through it. In the winter months the Girvan course is often the only Council course open in frosty weather as it is the last one to suffer from frost being so near the Gulf Stream.

There is very little cause to close a course as in bad weather it closes itself with the golfer preferring to stay in doors to perhaps read a good book, some suggestions later.

However we must not detract from applauding the Girvan green staff who keep the course in excellent condition with hopefully the rough well under control in future.

Over the past twenty five years certain golfers under the guidance of Jim Lafferty play each year for the Four Seasons Trophy.

Points are awarded over the twelve months with the final being played last Sunday and in totting up the points John MacLachlan came in to win this magnificent trophy with 56 points followed by Jack Galloway 54 points and Bernie Mills on 46 points. . This is not a Girvan Golf Club competition although most competitors are members of the Girvan club, so thanks must go to Jim Lafferty who organizes the whole affair.


Sam Snead on why he hesitated going to Scotland for the Open in 1946 ‘What did I want with prestige? The British Open paid $600 in American money. A man would have to be 200 years old at that rate to retire from golf.’ Sam Snead was also the golfer who thought when he first saw St. Andrews that it was the practice ground.


With Christmas almost upon us we must not forget the recommendations for presents to please the avid golfer. I have seen an advert for a Heavenly Hybrid N0.1 putter which is considered the putter to make three putts a thing of the past.

Never before has a putter been so light and with its hybrid head design giving the ball extra power at impact, how can you miss? That is the blurb put out about it which will give you the confidence to sink every putt. But as is usual with putters, miss a few and everything falls apart. The putter is the brainchild of Stuart Smith a PGA pro from East Anglia.

Not to be outdone Nike have brought out a Method Converge putter designed for golfers to achieve their ideal equilibrium. What all that actually means is well beyond me as all I look for in a putter is one that consistently sinks putts.

You can of course purchase Ken Brown’s book on putting but that may take a long time to digest knowing how quickly he played when on tour. There is of course the book entitled ‘A History of Girvan and Ballantrae Golf Clubs’ which for a very modest sum can be purchased from Alec Clark’s Sweetie Shop Dalrymple Street, The Carrick Gazette office also in Dalrymple Street, Gordon Clark’s bookshop Glendoune Street, Craigie Mains in Ballantrae and Waterstones in Ayr.

Do not let the opportunity pass you by as you never know when a book with so much information to impart will be available again. With the weather as it has been of late it seems more practical to stay in the warm and broaden your horizons by reading a book

Having said that if and when the weather does improves get out the clubs and splash around the course. Desmond cannot stay here for much longer as I believe he is chasing after Abigail, nature being what it is.