On the Fairways with Bill Tait

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They say that when the north wind blows we will have snow, but this was an east wind we had and a lot colder than we of the west of Scotland are used to.

I trust that all the Girvan members have taken advantage of the Subscription Secretary Bernie Mills making himself available in the clubhouse for the payment this year’s subscription. Remember you cannot enter any competitions until the subscription is paid and if not paid by 31st. march you have to re-apply for membership. The result of the Girvan Golf Club’s Finnie’s Shield a foursome competition played last Sunday saw Bernie Mills and Andy Wilson 64.8 win this prestigious trophy and the prize donated by Finnies. They were followed by Alan Gaff and Stuart White 65.8, Billy McLatchie and Gordon Rodger 67.2, Billy Friery and Tom Scobie 70.

This coming Sunday is the RNLI Stableford tournament with donations going to support Girvan’s lifeboat and crew. This is a very worthy cause and the winner not only gets his name on the magnificent shield but they also get a miniature RNLI shield to keep permanently on their mantelpiece. I have not heard of any of the Girvan ladies results but notice that on the 4th. April they have a Medal Thistle Brooch. The Turnberry Wednesday medal played on 13th. March was won by Tom Joyce (9)67 followed by Tom Bennett (6)68, Duncan Kerr (5)69 and George Brown (5)70. The Turnberry Sunday medal on 17th. March was won by Quentin Dunlop (5)71 followed by Brian Young (13)71, Ronnie McLellan (1)72, Gordon Boyle (0)72 and Stewart Allan (7)72.


Kathy Whitworth a golfer of note once said ‘A poor workman blames his tools. It’s usually the player who misses those three foot putts, not the putter’. Mind you whilst appreciating her comment I find it easier to blame the putter than to blame myself which would depress me even more. Charles Price once said ‘Putting from ninety feet is a little like trying to touch a girl sitting on the far side of a couch. You can reach her but you’re unlikely to accomplish much.’


Well that was a bad defeat Ayr United suffered last week and again they had a player red carded. If they go on this way they will be running short of players and it is no use calling upon such as myself as my playing days are well past.

Before setting out to play in any tournament, let alone a professional tournament, every player checks to see that he has fourteen clubs in his bag plus all the other necessities. We all remember what happened to Phil Woosnam in the 2001 Open at Lytham St. Annes. But one golfer playing in the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic in Virginia in 1986 failed to notice that to make the bag lighter his caddie had taken out most of his golf balls. The golfer was Bill Kratzert and having lost three balls went to his bag only to find it held no more. He had no alternative but to withdraw from the tournament and no doubt his caddie received an ear bashing.

I do not know what the current rule is regarding a playing partner helping him out with golf balls in a situation like this. Mind you golf balls can add a lot of weight to the bag, but when one considers that Bernard Langer uses a new ball at every hole and I am sure that he is not alone, you can appreciate the number of balls that should be carried. Currently thermal underwear is very much on the agenda for every golfer intent on playing this week, but I am sure that is well understood. Last week I saw a golfer on the Girvan course wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt. I asked his playing partner if he came from Iceland ‘No Ayr’ was the reply. Enough said.