On the fairways with Bill Tait

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The Girvan Ladies held their Captain’s Prize on Wednesday with Elinor Heggie at last coming in to win with a very satisfying score of nett 63 followed by Veronica Hamilton 67 and Isobet Kyle 68. I have not been advised what the fantastic prize was but I am sure Elinor will treasure it.

The Girvan ladies held a match with the Dalmilling ladies which they won by three games to one over the Girvan course. But of course the important business was conducted afterwards over an excellent meal in the clubhouse when all important matters, such as missed putts etc. were discussed along with any other matters of note.

Well the Girvan gents also had their Captain’s prize on Sunday and the winner of the fabulous prize which has yet to be divulged by the Captain was John McDowall (15)56 but only by virtue of a better inward half than Andy McFarlane (16)56 followed by Miller Craig (20)59 and Harry McEwan (6)60 who appears to have had the best scratch score of the day. The weather if anything was too hot for golf but it certainly brought in some good scores. Well done to Elinor Heggie and John McDowall for winning the Girvan Golf Club’s Captain’s Prizes.

The Girvan gents September medal will be played next Sunday 1st. September and not the 8th. as advised in the fixture list. Thursday 5th. September the Girvan ladies will play their September medal.

Meanwhile over at Turnberry the Wednesday medal brought in Gareth Rae as winner on (5)70 followed by John Foster (12)76 and Steven Stamper (+1)77

Last Thursday the Girvan Ladies and the Girvan Probus combined to enjoy a Texas Scramble over the Girvan course and for a change this annual event was blessed with good weather.

The ladies generously put up the prizes this year in the form of wine and Isobel Kyle, John McDade and Alister Scobie were the fortunate team to take it home to sample. I believe it was excellent on the palate.

This is a sociable event, well it would be in the company of such charming ladies, and afterwards all enjoyed refreshments in the clubhouse.

Pictured are the winner and runner up of the Girvan ladies Captains prize, left to right, Veronica Hamilton, Lynda Gordon, ladies captain, and Elinor Heggie. Also pictured is the Girvan ladies and probus game. Girvan Ladies also won the friendly Inter-club match v Dalmilling.


Lee Trevino in his hay day was known to be one of the straightest hitters of a golf ball rarely venturing off the fairway. He once commented ‘A rough should have high grass. When you go bowling they don’t give you anything for landing in the gutter, do they?’


Well Ayr were fortunate last Saturday at Stranraer with the Stranraer team looking the better side in the first half. Ayr players should always try to be first to the ball and not stand back to see who gets it before attempting to get possession. Mind you the referee was very handy with his yellow cards, I always think that cards should only be used for deliberate fouls and a referee who waves them about too much does not have control of the game. I thought that the Girvan Juniors result was a misprint 14-0, some score, I will not mention their opponents. If you are ever at a loss as what to do on a wet golfing day there are a number of good golfing films you can watch. ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ covers Francis Oumet winning the US Open in 1913, ‘Bobby Jones, A Stroke Of Genius’ says it all aqnd ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’ one of my favourites. There are more but those three are superb and can be purchased on DVD. These are also thoughts for Christmas presents and I am sure you will watch them more than once.

Did you know that the first book on golf instruction was published in 1857 ‘The Golfer’s Manual’ by ‘A Keen Hand’ In the same year Prestwick Golf Club instituted the first ever championship meeting, a foursome competition played at St. Andrews which was attended by eleven golf clubs. George Glennie and J.C. Stewart two Scots living in London at the time won it for the Blackheath Golf Club. A little trivia to talk about in the clubhouse over a drink after the game. But above all enjoy your golf and remember to take plenty of water with you, particularly in this hot humid weather.