On the Fairways with Bill Tait

We seem to be having a heat wave and after all that rain during the winter everywhere seems drying out and I have been watering my garden.

The Girvan Gents were playing for the T.&.H. McCrindle Trophy on Sunday for prizes generously donated by Tom and Hugh McCrindle of the Pringle shop in Ayr. Girvan Golf Club is fortunate in having such generous sponsors for their tournaments which is much appreciated by the club members. It so happened that the winners were George Coombe and John McKie on nett 55.6 followed by Bob Cronie and Billy Hewitson 56.8, Stuart White and Gerry Davey 57.2.. The presentation of this trophy and prizes will take place on Friday along with the Championship trophies.

Girvan gents played for the Andy Hay tournament on Friday 13th. which proved that Willie McDines is not supersticious as he came in with the winning score of nett 61 followed by Jim Crawford 62, Davy Hill 64 and Stuart White 64. Stuart White had the best scratch score of the round. This competition was played with only five clubs one of which must be a putter so all these gentlemen realise that normally they carry more clubs than necessary.

The Girvan Golf Club Championships are well under way and I will happily report on the results of the ladies, gents, and junior champions next week.

Likewise at Turnberry I will report on the Summer Meeting next week. With all the sunshine and only a gentle breeze we can expect some excellent scores.


‘If you want meat you go to the butchers, if you want a haircut you go to the barbers. The same applies in golf, don’t listen to your playing companions, if you want advice listen to the professionals.’. Jimmy Tarbuck a comedian who was also a golfing fanatic. I must agree with him as I attended the members clinic at Turnberry last Saturday and as I was the only one who turned up I had an excellent one on one lesson in pitching and chipping from Sven. The following day he was out in the practice area with a five year old boy who was getting some excellent advice, so there you are from young to old we all enjoy our game.


Yes, I stayed up to watch the first half of the England/Italy match and must confess admired the English attacking style even though they lost. I watched the whole of Spain/Holland game in which there were two distinctive styles of play. Spain played a lot of very close short passes which did not seem to go anywhere, whilst Holland kept possession until they drew the Spanish out then a long through ball to either Robben or Van Persie. Very interesting I hope Mark Roberts of Ayr United was watching.

A tip from the book on golf which recommends that when the Open is on you set the channel and hide the remote. Sound common sense.

You must realise that playing on a links course in summer the fairways will not be lush bright green and that you will get some awkward bounces, but you will find that the ball will run further, so everything has its compensation.