On the Fairways with Bill Tait

We are now past the half way point of the year with the longest day behind us, however the weather has been good and the golf courses crowded so all is not doom and gloom.

Last week the Gazette did not have enough space for all the Championship photographs both of Turnberry and Girvan. However I have been promised that they will be in this week’s paper so I am keeping my fingers crossed until Wednesday in the hopes that they will be there for all to admire.

I have mentioned before how fortunate the Girvan Golf Club is in having so many generous sponsors and the Club is delighted that Andrew McKie has continued his father’s sponsorship of the W.D. McKie ‘Old Street Garage’ competition enjoyed by both the ladies and gents sections of the Club. However Andrew was very surprised and delighted when I informed him that the gents section had been won by an octogenarian in the shape of Jim (Twiggy)Fife on (22)61 who beat his son Jim Fyfe Jnr. in to second place on (8)62 followed by Steven Johnston (6)64 and Joel McCluskey (11)65. Steven Johnston had the best scratch score of the day. So there you are ‘There are plenty of good tunes that can be played on an old fiddle’ with Jim celebrating his 80th. birthday one week and winning the McKie Trophy the next he has proved that ability transcends age so there is still hope for all of us old ‘uns. .

The Girvan Ladies had a very good turnout on Wednesday 22nd. June when they competed for the Ladies bowl, their part of the McKie Trophy which was won by Isobel Kyle on nett 63. That was an excellent score and Isobel will be delighted to have her name on the trophy and take home some goodies from Old Street Garage. Isobel was followed by Elinor Heggie nett 67 , Susan Dow 68 with Roz McCulloch (Nee Fife), Lynda Gordon and Sandra Deeney all on nett 69. So you see the Fife family was well represented in the McKie Trophies..

The results of the Dalquharran Cup will be reported on next week, with all the good weather there was a big turnout so you will just have to be patient for the results.

Over at Turnberry the Lawson Trophy for members over 60 years of age was won by Douglas Edgar (26) 42 Stableford points followed by David McDowall (8) 40 points with Tom Paterson and Mike Brown both on 37 points.

In the Sunset qualifying round on 19th. June Philip Milne (16) 78, Alan Connor (3)80 and Gareth Rae (4) 80 all qualified


Harry Vardon in 1915 was asked to join the Temperance Movement and replied ‘Moderation is essential in all things, Madam, but never in my life have I failed to beat a teetotaller’. So there you are a man who appreciates a small refreshment after a game.

Bobby Jones on Augusta National Golf course, home of the Masters ‘There isn’t a hole out there that cannot be birdied if you just think, likewise there isn’t one that can’t be double-bogeyed if you stop thinking’. Bobby Jones should know as he was one of the principals in designing the course.


A little tale passed to me this week about a Girvan taxi driver one Scott Macpherson who proved that a taxi was not the only thing he could drive as he drove the ball straight into the cup on the second hole of the Kintyre course last Saturday. He was playing in a friendly fourball so it was drinks all round otherwise his playing partners would not bear witness to this magnificent feat to enable him to claim a ‘Hole-in-One’ certificate from the Turnberry professional shop. It is rather a nice gesture for all who manage to achieve this distinction that Turnberry provides a certificate for every hole in one recorded on their courses.

As I said before I am a little concerned at the lack of information coming from Somerset Park about the Ayr United team for the coming season and hope that they do not expect me to dig out my old football boots of thick leather with very hard solid toes to help them out.

Putters are a specialist instrument, remember that nearly 50% of the shots you play during a round are hit with a putter. In my case that is usually a certainty, so when you find one that suits guard it with your life. The trouble is that putters are not always faithful and do not always perform as you expect them to, but be patient once they are run in they will often come back onto form. Always remember that for most of us it is just a game, so enjoy it.