On the Fairways with Bill Tait

The clubhouse at Royal St Georges.
The clubhouse at Royal St Georges.

Yes we are into September already, where has the year gone? Perhaps it is because we have had such excellent weather this summer that it has passed so quickly.

The Girvan gents competed for the Captain’s Prize on Sunday 24th. August which was won by Billy Hewitson (20)58 followed by John MacLachalan (9)59, Jim Cameron (12)61, Andy MacFarlane (16)61, and Derek Earle (14)61.

In the Girvan Gents March Medal Simon Whyte came in with 46 Stableford points off 18 handicap, Willie McMeikan (0)43, Bob Cronie (17)41 David Mair (16)41 and Joel McCluskey (10) also on 41 points. I understand that Willie McMeikan took 57 strokes to get round the course during his round which would be an amateur course medal record over the Girvan course, but it still has to be confirmed if this is an acceptable record as it was in a Stableford competition. But no matter, it was an exceptionally good score and I wonder if Willie used his ‘Sunday Post’ Auchterlonie putter to achieve it. Mind you to score so well and not win must be exasperating.

The Girvan Ladies held their Past Captain’s Prize last Friday and may I be forgiven for saying that it never dares to rain on the ladies as there were high winds and rain, but the ladies past Captains battled round 14 holes Stableford with Lynda Gordon coming in wet and bedraggled on 27 Stableford points followed by Roz McCulloch 25 points and Barbara Airde on 24 points apparently both in a similar condition. Nice to see Barbara back on the Girvan course again. The Past Captains including those who sheltered from the weather joined afterwards for a sociable light supper supplied by Maggie’s Pantry.

Turnberry Gents held the Autumn meeting last Saturday which resulted in a play-off for the R.H.U. Stevenson Trophy between David McDowall and Neil Dawson both on nett 71. They were followed by Jim Nicol (5)72, John Hodge and Steven Stamper on nett 73. This was for the first class section whilst in the second class section for the J.P.K. McDowall Trophy Charles Tait won with (15)72 followed by Jamie Shannon (13)73, Roddy Gardner (11)74 and John Foster (14)74.

All the above scores were excellent under the circumstances.


A notice which hung in the clubhouse at Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Kent stated ‘Women are admitted to play on the course only on sufferance and must at all times give way to (male) members’. This was in place between the years 1902 to 1927 when one would assume that the wives of the male members saw fit to change things. Who dare say that the ladies do not have a lot of influence, but at least the ladies were permitted to play.


Now for some momentous news, John Casey a Turnberry member who has wandered the earth for many, many years and despite having played golf for most of them had never achieved a hole in one, that is until Saturday 23rd. August playing with his son he achieved that feat on the ninth hole on the Arran Course. An eight iron dropping just short of the green ran up and into the hole to the cries of much jubilation. It is strange you can play golf for the most of your life and never achieve this distinction and it is wonderful when at last you do it. If you score an ace shortly after taking up the game it does not give as much satisfaction as when it happens later in life. Congratulations John, make the most of it and buy me a drink when you get back from your travels.

The Girvan clubhouse is at last taking shape and all the hard work seems to be paying off. When it is finished we will have a full report with thanks to all those who made it possible.

In the meantime we are told that we are in for an Indian summer so make the most of it on the golf course as it may precede an Artic winter, You never know.