On the Fairways with Bill Tait

Last Sunday was the second qualifying round of the George Sprunt Memorial Invitation Sweepstake which was played in excellent weather and we hope that the final round next week will be just as lucky. Those who go forward from this week’s qualifying round were led by B. Bennie who had an excellent score of (13)57. However all credit must go to Kevin Hamilton who came next with a first class score of (0)58 which must be a course record for the Sweepstake. Well done Kevin who was followed by D. Wilson Jnr. (10)60, C. Fleming (10)61, J. MacLachlan (9)61, G. Mackintosh (4)61, H. Ward (12)61, G. McVicar (7)62, P. Newall (13)62, W. McDines (5)62, S. Hamilton (7)62, I. Alexander (14)62, R. Scott (5)62, R. McMaster (6)63, G. Wilson (9)64, R. Johnson (14)64, G. Andrew (10)64, H. McEwan (6)64, R. Galloway (8)64, W. McCulloch (4)64, G. Davey (14)65, G. Bryden (0)65, B. McCulloch (0)65, J. Nicol (5)65, H. Mitchell (15)65, J. Roberts (9)66, D. Bye (6)66, S. Kirk (8)66, R. Oliphant (10)66 and last but certainly not least P. Rae(7)67. Yes, my illustrious caddymaster did qualify with a good score as did Gerry Davey who will now play in the final after a few years in the wilderness. However, Gary Bryden must have been absolutely delighted when he scored a hole in one at the par 4 16th. Hole. A great way to qualify for the final and Gary will no doubt look forward to repeating his ace next week.

The final round of this tournament for 2014 will be played this coming Sunday 19th. October and tee off times are as follows.:8.05am. M. White, J. Pringle, R. Oliphant. 8.15am. S. Hamilton, G. Davey, J. Galloway. 8.25am. K. MacAskill, B. McCulloch, K. Hamilton. 8.35am. A. Copland, R. McLeish Jnr. J. MacLachlan. 8.45am. J. Roberts, G. Andrew, H. McEwan. 8.55am. W. Hewitson, R. McEvoy, G. Milligan, 9.05am. J. Lafferty, W. Robb, H. Ward. 9.15am. H. Mitchell, J. Wilson, W. Roberts. 9.25am. M. Lothian, J. Brown, G. Wilson. 9.35am. G. Bryden, G. Mackintosh, R. McMaster. 9.45am. G. McVicar, W. McDines, L. McAllan. 9.55am. J. Nicol, J. Fyfe Jnr., K. Doyle. 10.05am.D. Bye, J. Cameron, R. Galloway. 10.15am. R. Scott, P. Rae, W. McCulloch.. 10.25am. T. Stewart, A. Bush, I. Alexander. 10.35am. G. Clark, R. Johnson, G. Campbell. 10.45am. D. Semple, D. Taylor, S. Dunn. 10.55am. G. Wilson, S. Johnston, C. Fleming. 11.05am. B. Bennie, P. Newall, D. Lavery. 11.15am. S. Hunter, D. Wilson Jnr. S. Kirk.

Now for the ladies; 11.25am. L. Brown, F. Norris, A. Smith. 11.35am. B. Aird, Guest, R. McCulloch. 11.45am. L. Gordon, J. Morgan, K. Thomson. 11.55anm. J. Bone, C. Ramsay, I. Leitch. 12.05pm. I. Connor, A. Bush, J. McCrorie. Well there you have it, but remember all cards must be handed in to the Girvan Bowling Club prior to thirty minutes after the last game finishes, all non-season ticket holders must pay their green fee before commencing play and any disputes queries etc, should be referred to the Committee whose decision will be final. Good luck but above all enjoy yourselves which is what golf is all about.

The presentation of prizes will take place in the Girvan Bowling Club at 4 for 4.30pm.and for your special delectation that well known raconteur and one time top football referee Willie Young will be the guest speaker. It should prove to be a very entertaining evening and everyone is welcome..

Turnberry Golf Club has also been active in this good weather with the Saturday medal on the 27th. September being won by Patrick Norris (2)71 followed by Gordon Boyle (+1)71 and Alexander Jack (6)80. The Turnberry’s Captain’s prize played on 4th. October resulted in a win for Gerry Donaldson (10)35 Stableford points, I. Carlisle (10)34 and Patrick Norris (2)33. The Wednesday medal on 8th. October brought in as winner Michael Shenkin (11)66 followed by David Courtney (8)71 and Gordon Boyle (+1)72.

A big surprise at the Turnberry Staff Golf Club four ball better ball knock out competition was that the dynamic duo of Bernie Mills and Kenny MacAskill were soundly beaten 3 and 2 by Jessica Pidolski and Gordon Mackay. Well, well naturally the beaten duo are claiming that they were giving away too many shots.


Ben Hogan ‘If I miss one day’s practice I know it, if I miss two day’s practice the spectators know it, if I miss three day’s practice the world knows it’.

Tony Lema, ‘In choosing a partner, always pick an optimist’. Sound advice, at least it keeps you going to the very end as an optimist will never give up.


On Friday night, golf clubs stored away I went to see Ayr United play Dunfermline at Somerset Park full of hope etc.. However in the first half I sat there wondering how many goals Dunfermline would score, they were so far on top. However in the second half Ayr came out fighting and with Craig Beattie on they were peppering the Dunfermline goal but could not penetrate it due to the excellence of their goalkeeper Scully.. It was disappointing to lose 1-0 but Ayr’s performance in the second half brought hope for better times to come. One fly in the ointment looks to be Murphy who appears to have collar bone problems, but played on regardless as Ayr had used up all their substitutes. He is a very important part of Ayr’s defence so we hope it is not too severe.

But back to golf with a wee tale regarding Walter Hagen who was a master of the art of gamesmanship, or perhaps golf psychology as he would term it. On one occasion Hagan invited his main opponent out of the clubhouse to watch him sink a putt and advised him that with putting that good he would surely beat him the next day. This Hagen did against a very nervous opponent. He always tried to create an air of supreme confidence around his game and at the same time attempt to reduce his opponent to a nervous wreck. There you are always exude confidence on the first tee and you could be a hole up already.

There is plenty of good golfing weather to come, but remember at this tine of year to carry your waterproofs with you.