On the Fairways with Bill Tait

The Girvan Golf Club November medal was played on Sunday with Jim Brown coming in to win with (20)42 Stableford points.

Now remember there are a few J. Brown’s in the Club but only one of, in this instance on a handicap of 20 won the medal. Jim Brown was followed by Stevie Johnston (5)41 points, David Inglis (10)39 and David Heron (18) also on 39 stableford points.

The next competition on the Girvan gents calendar will be the medal on Sunday 7th. December.


The famous author and golf fanatic P.G. Wodehouse once wrote ‘I attribute the insane arrogance of the later Roman emperors almost entirely to the fact that, never having played golf, they never knew the chastening humility engendered by the top chipped shot’.

However Groucho Marx the comedian commented that ‘Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies’. That could equally apply to many golfers during the course of a round.


I was away for a few days up at the Loch Long Hotel in a bus party which included quite a few Girvan pensioners. It says a lot for the healthy atmosphere in Girvan to see them up dancing and rock and rolling in the evening having fortified themselves with the wee spirit that comes out of a bottle. Mind you I have seen quite a few of them also dancing around a golf course with a set of clubs giving that poor wee white ball laldy. I will not mention any names but have in the past lost money to them. It was a very good few days and no doubt I will see them again on another trip.

I recently watched a TV programme about ladies in the first world war who against all advice paid their own expenses to train and travel to the front and provide nursing facilities for the troops. These ladies had a lot of courage and determination to do what they did and can only be admired and appreciated by all concerned. But then the fairer sex have always proved to be a determined and resourceful group, you only have to notice that they rarely give a putt to each other, and the look directed at any man who dare ask for a gimme would make him shiver and keep his mouth shut in future. To prove my point take Mrs. J.F. Meehan who was competing in the Shawnee Invitational for Ladies back in 1913 in Oklahoma when on reaching the sixth hole a par three, she selected a club and gave it everything she had only to see her ball land in the Binniekill River where it floated slowly down stream. Undaunted Mrs. Meehan and her husband caddie commandeered a rowing boat to follow until the ball came to rest on a small knoll. Mrs. Meehan then climbed out of the boat and proceeded to hack away at the ball until it eventually came out to land in a copse of trees. After crashing her way through this hazard Mrs. Meehan at last reached the green and thankfully sunk her putt for a score of 166 on a par three hole. There you are Mrs. Meehan had no chance in winning the competition but she showed sheer guts and determination to prove that she would not be beaten in getting that ball into that hole no matter the score. I do not know what her husband, who was caddying for her, thought of it all but then he would no doubt be well aware of his wife’s perverseness and be very relieved when it was all over.

Life throws up many surprises and you see most of them on a golf course, unless of course you are an Ayr United supporter when it seems that we just cannot beat Stranraer losing to them again last Saturday. Still it is Peterhead this coming Saturday and as it is at home we can only hope that they will be tired after that long journey down.

Ayr United’s play may be depressing but you can always recover on a golf course providing the ball does not float away downstream.