On the Fairways with Bill Tait

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The nights are drawing in and it is a little colder but the keen golfer will still find an excuse to play a little golf when he or she can.

Turnberry Autumn Shotgun tournament brought in M. Pitman, D. Pitman, D. McCubbin and D. Edgar in first place on 51 followed by F. Blin, L. Glekin, S. Jacobs and M. Shenkin on 52.6, P. Rae, K. Ross, I. Hutcheson and A. Jack on 64.6.

At the Girvan Golf Club the first round of the Winter Stablefords was played last Sunday with Tommy Stewart coming in to win on (19)41 points followed by Tam Scobie (12)40, Kenny Nicholson (11)38, Dan Lavery (18)38 and Bob Cronie (16)38.

The Winter Stableford dates are naturally subject to the weather and are subservient to Medal and any other Club trophy competitions should they require to be postponed.

The Stableford dates are on the club notice board.


Adlai Stevenson II, American politician and author: ‘Some of us worship in churches, some in Synagogues and some on golf courses’ Whilst Billy Graham, the well known evangelist stated, ‘Actually, the Lord answers my prayers everywhere, except on the golf course’.

We can all appreciate that as I would not be surprised to find golf to be even more popular than we thought.


I have heard tales of the popular Turnberry Staff golf outing to Trump International in Aberdeen, in other words the Donald Trump’s course which created so much controversy when it was being built.

The course is I believe a young man’s course as it is long and arduous with plenty of walking up and down hills. Each hole is individual to the extent that you cannot see any other hole from the hole you are on, and naturally you also cannot see any other golfers.

Sounds intriguing and an ideal course to play, but I believe it took its toll on at least one gentleman who suffered severe cramp afterwards and has not been seen since. But I’m reliably informed this tough course was conquered by Jimmy Fleming who came in with the best score followed by Willie McMeikan.

The scores are not available to me but I am sure that they must have been good considering the competition. It was a long day but much appreciated by all who went on the trip and I understand that many came home exhausted with many a good tale to tell.