On the Fairways with Bill Tait

Lee Trevino, one of the golfing greats is quoted in this weeks column.
Lee Trevino, one of the golfing greats is quoted in this weeks column.

Well here we are into July with the weather more like March. The rough continues to flourish on the Girvan golf course with only the brave complete with a bag full of golf balls daring to challenge it.

However on Sunday 21st. June the W.D. McKie (Old Street Garage) competition took place with D. Gordon (15)60 coming in to win the gents section. He was followed by Michael Morgan (14)62, Andy MacFarlane (12)63, Scott Macpherson (14)63 and James Baillie (9)64. James Baillie had the best scratch score of the round.. Billy McKie was an Honorary member of Girvan Golf Club and a very generous supporter of the club and in particular this event. The Club is grateful that Billy’s son Andrew who has continued his father’s generous support of this popular event.

On 29th. June in the Girvan Club’s Dalquharran Cup Robert McMaster not only came in with the winning score of(5)61 but also had the best scratch score of the round. Robert was followed by David Nelson (5)62, Paul McCluskey (5)62 and Charlie Morgan (17)63.


Reporter to Lee Trevino ‘Are you having a party if you win?’ Trevino to reporter ‘If I win here on Sunday I won’t know till Thursday’.

Gene Littler ‘I drew a big gallery today. I was paired with Palmer’.


The Ladies Open will be along shortly at Turnberry with no doubt the lovely lady competitors queuing up to have their photos taken in front of the fountain. Tam Scobie is in charge of the Girvan Golf Club’s contingent of marshals and has put notices up on the Club’s notice board for those wishing to join him.

Whilst out watching the ladies perform, if you can possibly drag your eyes away from them for a short while, you can watch with interest the important role that caddies play. They are not just bag carriers as they have a variety of other jobs to carry out.. Imagine you are invited to play in a competition at a big club and have been assigned a caddie. You will no doubt spend the first few holes worrying about your golf not being up to scratch and you will try to perform as much for your caddy as for yourself. If he has been selected by my ubiquitous caddy master you will worry that the caddie may report back to him on your performance Oh dear! However after a few good shots you may settle down and realise that it does not take a good caddie long to analyse your golf, advice on the club to use and the line to take. The caddie will put you at your ease. But for the likes of myself and many others who do not have the advantage of a regular caddie to advise them and consequently have to rely on their own judgment, they may find it useful to pretend that they am the caddie and calmly advise themselves on what club and line to take and talk to themselves like a good caddie would. It will help to plot their way around the course accepting when it is necessary to play short etc. Try it and I am sure your game will benefit. You will also realise the important job a good caddie has to a professional golfer in a big tournament. Quite apart from advice on distance, club selection and line to take he has to be able to encourage the golfer and keep him or her calm in all conditions As I have already mentioned if you can drag your eyes away from the lovely lady golfers, playing in the Open at Turnberry, even just for a few minutes, you can try and take in what the caddie is doing.

*FOOTBALL With all the fuss of various Open golf tournaments about to take place we may have overlooked the fact that the football season is fast approaching and that Ayr United will have a new batch of players for me to watch with high expectations. I will look forward to taking my usual seat in the stand along with the same crowd all hoping to be rewarded for our patience..