On the fairways with Bill Tait

Well here we are safely into 2016 looking forward to playing some great games of golf.

Both the bridges on the Girvan course have been inspected and found to need attention.

The bridge at the 15th. is the most urgent and will be out of action for up to six weeks necessitating golfers to use the bridge at the 18th hole to play the remaining holes of a round. This means that the tee of the 15th hole will be brought forward to the other side of the river in the interests of safety. It may be an inconvenience but only for a short time and we will at least be able to play golf safely. After that has been completed the bridge at the 18th. will be attended to, meaning that golfers after completing their round will have to cross the bridge at the 15th.

All will be back to normal for the summer and with the planned improvements to the course we can look forward to an enjoyable season of golf.

Well it seems that again it was only the Probus Club that ventured out over the Girvan course competitively last week, playing their normal 14 holes which brought in Bill Tait as winner closely followed by Tom Nardini.


Comparing golf to other sports has drawn comments from a wide range of sportsmen and women.Roger Hornsby, a baseball player ‘When I hit a ball I want someone else to chase it’. Hank Aaron ‘It took me seventeen years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on a golf course’.

Lee Trevino ‘When baseball players quit playing they take up golf, basketball players quit and take up golf. What are we supposed to take up when we quit?’ Nick Faldo ‘I think if I had some coaching I could have played county cricket as a bowler. Luckily I didn’t have any coaching.’ TALES FROM THE 

It is the quiet season for golf, it is the time of year when green keepers have the chance to repair any problems on the course and make the improvements which have previously been discussed with the representatives of the golfers. A council course is maintained and run by the local council, but the council is in turn responsible to their ratepayers, a good number of whom are members of the local clubs, or local businesses who rely on the golf course to bring in visitors to the area. It is therefore reasonable to appreciate that a good relationship must exist between the council and the clubs, golfers etc. who use the course.

The Turnberry improvements are proceeding satisfactorily as far as I am aware and involves a lot of investment which is coming from abroad. Therefore it is bringing money and employment into the area and we are going to benefit by having one of the, if not the best, golfing complexes in the world. Whatever you may think of the Trump organization we are certainly benefitting from it.

Have you ever considered the incongruity of golf, you have to hit the ball accurately over considerable distances, then over a very short distance putt the ball into a small hole, every stroke counting exactly the same. Think on it, but do not let it interfere with your enjoyment of the game.