On the fairways with Bill Tait

Even the Probus did not turn out last Thursday the weather was so bad, but some seventeen Girvan Golf Club members turned out on Sunday to compete for the Club’s New Year Cup.

The Girvan Club has struggled to get this the first major competition of the year played and the winner, subject to confirmation by the match Secretary, was James Baillie on 39 Stableford points followed by Bernie Mills and Jack Galloway both on 37 points tying for second place

No further results are available the weather playing havoc with golfers who will usually venture out in all sorts of weather.



The weather may have been poor of late but it has not deterred the workers at Turnberry as all the improvements continue apace. Mind you it will be necessary to get everything shipshape as soon as possible in order for the whole complex to start bringing in money to earn its keep.

Regular golfers are very aware of ‘The Golfing Gods’ who seem to patrol the golf courses to look after your opponents.

You must at some time or another have watched your opponent at a par three thin his ball across water with the ball skimming over the waves ‘Barnes Wallace’ style to finish within a couple of feet of the flag.

Another is the drive that is going into the trees before it ricochets off a branch. and bounces back onto the middle of the fairway. The thinned chip that screams across the green, hits the flag half way up and then drops into the hole. You must have witnessed all this at one time or another and wondered when it will be your turn to be in favour with the Golfing God. But you always take it for granted that when something like this does happens to you, you assure your opponents that that it is not luck, but just happens to be the only way to play that particular shot.