Christmas gizmos and gadgets galore for the modern golfer

latest golf results
latest golf results

Brrr! This icy weather is not good for playing golf as the hard frosty grounds are not conducive to good play.

The ball bounces awkwardly and chipping to the green is a lottery. The rough stands up stiffly allowing the ball to dive under cover and that coupled with white frost does not make it easy to find. However it does keep the midges at bay and we have had some good days.

Competitions have been played over the Turnberry courses with on the 20th. November in the Sunday medal Steven Stamper came in to win (+1) 63 on the Kintyre course followed by John Broadfoot (5) 71, Master Cameron Johnstone (3) 75 both on the Ailsa Course with Derek Carr(8) 68 on the Kintyre course. It becomes quite complicated sorting out the scores for both the courses and the title master refers to the fact that Cameron Johnstone is a junior member.


Rory McIlroy on the atmosphere at the Ryder Cup in America. ‘It’s pretty hostile out there, I must say you don’t want to let that get to you but you want to let them know how much it means to you’. A word of advice from Tommy Armour, ‘How well you play golf depends on how well you control that left hand of yours’. I suggest that on the practice range if you are right handed you watch your left hand to see what it does through the swing.


Apparently not only has Rory McIlroy been practicing his golf shots on the range, but he has been doing it in Nike’s new golf shoes called ‘The Nike Lunar Control Vapour’ which includes an ‘Articulated Integrated Traction ‘ outsole. Now whatever that all means is beyond my ken but these shoes are the latest with rubber soled integrated spikes similar to what Fred Couples introduced at the Senior’s competition at Turnberry a few years ago. The new Nike soles were inspired by the tread on a snowmobile and Rory, who had always worn golf shoes with metal spikes before was impressed. They provided him with a stable base to the push off the ground that he needs to drive off the tee. Well I have been wearing rubber soled spiked golf shoes for some time now and have always found them to be very good indeed. Mind you what these new Nike shoes with an articulated integrated traction outsole inspired by the tread on a snowmobile will give to my golf I do not know, that is if I can afford a pair. The blurb states that the articulated channels will allow for better balance and the lateral forefoot area will help the golfer propel through the swing. Do not ask me to explain all this but find out for yourself when these shoes appear on the golf shelves from the 3rd. March next year. As yet no price has been mentioned but presumably all will be revealed in the spring of 2017 unfortunately too late for this year’s Christmas shopping list. I only hope that they bring them out with Velcro fastening.

However there are many new potential golfing gizmos to give as Christmas presents this year quite apart from shoes and golf balls, For instance isometric hand grip exercisers that can be used to build a golfer’s wrist and forearm strength to provide greater hitting power, have also been found to lower blood pressure. You can purchase these exercisers in most sports shops so that could be a useful, though unusual Christmas gift, but not to anyone who has severely uncontrolled high blood pressure. The Turnberry golf shop has a lot on offer and very knowledgeable staff to guide you, unfortunately they do not stock my excellent book on the ‘Histories of Girvan & Ballantrae Golf Clubs’ which covers the formation of Turnberry Golf Club. But do not despair as copies can easily be purchased from Alec Clark’s Shop in Dalrymple Street.