Competitions coming thick and fast at Girvan and Turnberry

Close-up of Golf Club and Golf Ball
Close-up of Golf Club and Golf Ball

It is surprising to realise that we are nearly half way through 2017 and the longest day is fast approaching.

The Girvan Golf Club gents competed for the Ford McCartney competition on 28th May which resulted in a win for William McCluskey (15) 59 by virtue of a better inward half than Scott Macpherson (15) 59, followed by Robert Oliphant (11) 60 and Andy MacFarlane (12) 60.

On 2nd June the Girvan gents competed for the Andy Hay 5 Club trophy which brought in as winner David Clark (6) 60 followed by Robert McCluskey (7) 61, Michael Morgan (12) 63, M. Campbell (9) 63 and David Mackintyre (12) 63. The lowest gross score was by David Clark.

All good scores with just five clubs one of which must be a putter. The Girvan Club’s June medal played on Sunday 4th June which Fraser Docherty (18) 61 won followed by D. Gordon (14) 64, Gary Milligan (16) 64 and Jim Brown (6) 64. The lowest gross score was a 64 by Steven Stamper.

Over at Turnberry in the Walker Cup played on 27th May Russell Borrie came in with (18) 69 followed by B. Young and John Broadfoot (5) 74. On Sunday in the Sir John Tait Salver, a Foursome competition played under dry conditions Sean Keane and Pamela Mckay came in with the winning score of 40 Stableford points

QUOTATIONS OF THE WEEK; Lee Trevino at the age of 43 stated, ‘I’m like a ’67 Cadillac. I’ve changed the engine twice, rolled back the odometer and replaced the transmission. Now all the tyres are going flat. It’s time to put it in the junkyard’. This is the man who then joined the round bellies of 50 years and over.

TALES FROM THE CADDYSHACK; An interesting thought is on how the Scots took golf around the world. Take for instance Charles B. Macdonald (1855-1939) who was born in Canada of a Scottish father and a Canadian Mohawk mother and took up golf whilst studying at St. Andrews University.

He had the good fortune to be tutored in golf by Old Tom Morris and on returning to America in 1892 he founded the Chicago Golf Club where he built the first 18 hole American golf course. Macdonald became known as ‘The father of American Golf’ being one of the founder members of the US Golf Association in 1894. He was the first US amateur champion in 1895 beating Charles Sands in the record winning margin of 12-11. Macdonald was also instrumental in founding the National Golf Links of America on Long Island which hosted the first Walker Cup match in 1922. So you see golf was taken around the world by Scots who travelled abroad to better themselves but did not forget the sport that had developed them at home. Through the kind gesture of the Turnberry Academy staff I have acquired a Cleveland ‘smart sole’ sand wedge. This club is reputed to get every ball out of the bunker first time and to enable chips over bunkers to the green to be a doddle. Well playing last Sunday chips over bunkers to the green were a doddle, but unfortunately getting out of bunkers was a problem. Now I do appreciate that chips out of bunkers are relatively no problem when you are relaxed and swing easily through the ball. But when in a competition where you are faced with a steeply revetted bunker it is not easy to stay relaxed and the ball does not do what it is supposed to do. Ah well more practice is required, but I am truly grateful to the Academy boys for being so helpful.

TURNBERRY GOLF CLUB LADIES SECTION; Eclectic 1st Round; Silver Division:- 1st Miss A. Brown (16) 67; 2nd Mrs. L. Brown (20) 70; 3rd Miss E. Heggie (12) 78; Bronze Section:- 1st Miss M. Kelly (25) 74; 2nd Mrs. J. McMillan (32) 79; 3rd Mrs. C. McCrindle (22) 87

Girvan Juniors Results from June medal; 1st Kyle Brown 59. 2nd Kieren Beauchamp 63. 3rd Brooks Mills 69.