Girvan ladies host annual dinner and presentations

The Girvan Ladies prizegiving.
The Girvan Ladies prizegiving.

The Girvan Golf Club Ladies had their annual dinner and presentation of prizes last Friday night with all the ladies looking forward to an enjoyable evening with good food and plenty of drink.

I understand that a lot of well-trained husbands were available to drive them home afterwards.

The main trophy winners were as follows; RNLI Shield- Eva Montgomerie, Roydon Trophy- Roz McCulloch, Craig Trophy- Susan Low, Nestle Mixed event- Veronica and Douglas Hamilton, Handicap Trophy -Catharine McCrindle, W.D. McKie- Elinor Heggie, Ailsa Trophy- Sandra Deeney, Cancer Trophy- Kathleen Thomson, K.&.A. Adam 2 ball- Eva Montgomerie & Susan Low, Jean Dunn 5 Club- Anne Bush, Medals Final -Isobel Connor, Knockavalley- Isobel Co0nnor, Arran Rosebowl -Arlene McGarragle, Kintyre Trophy- Isobel Connor, Gladys Gray Trophy- Isobel Connor, Jenny Robb Trophy- Susan Low, Captain’s Prize- Catharine McCrindle, Past Captain’s Trophy- Isobel Connor, Two’s Competition- Susan Low (4), Summer Ringer- scratch Roz McCulloch- handicap Susan Low, Eclectic- scratch Roz McCulloch handicap- Isobel Connor, Farish Shield- Isobel Connor, Isobel Connor Quaiche- Cecilia Finan, Silver Medal- Roz McCulloch Bronze Medal- Sandra Deeney both of whom now play in the Scottish Women’s Regional Medal Competition, Gary Bryden Salver- Susan Low, Bronze Champion- Isobel Connor Girvan Ladies Club Champion- Roz McCulloch. Congratulations to all who took part in the aforementioned competitions. Meanwhile on Sunday the Girvan Golf Club gents competed for the Lloyd Wilson Foursome Competition which was won by M. Campbell and J. Crawford (10)63 with M. Swan and A. Ingram (18)64 runners up. Over at Turnberry Pamela Cumming and Peter Wiseman won the Gordon Stewart Mixed Foursome Salver beating Linda Hodge and Alan Watson in the final. G. Hillan beat P. Jakeman in the final of the Sir James Bell Trophy, a singles match play competition under handicap..

QUOTATIONS OF THE WEEK; Walter J. Travis an American golfer playing at Sandwich in 1910 stated ‘ I have had, ever since I have been at Sandwich, one of the worst caddies it has ever been my misfortune to be saddled with. This young man, about twenty -six years old, was a natural born idiot and cross-eyed at that’. I suppose the poor caddie did not receive a tip after complaints like that. Gary Nicklaus on caddying for his father ‘Do I disagree with him on course strategy? Never-unless he is wrong’.

TALES FROM THE CADDYSHACK; Many a good tale is told on the golf course and even better ones are told in the bar afterwards. A friend I used to play with, had a trick he used if he was two or more holes down which was that he would come out with a string of jokes and tall stories, and that was up to the time we were level, then his lips were sealed. He became known in the clubhouse for this magical feat of his to win games, but he was a very enjoyable golfing companion. I remember a tale regarding two elderly golfers ploughing their way around the course with very poor scores. One ventured that they should forget the ball and just play with imaginary balls, which was agreed with alacrity by his opponent. Naturally they came to the last hole all square, both then had magnificent drives and on playing his second shot the player making it said that his ball had hit the flag and dropped into the hole, ‘so beat that’ he challenged his opponent. The second player looked down at his imaginary ball and said to his opponent, ’Do you realise that you’ve played the wrong ball!’. I bet they enjoyed their game, but I suggest that you play with a real ball, saves a lot of arguments.