Girvan Walter Linton competition now being played this Sunday

The changes will help speed up pace of play and also eliminate some current penalties.
The changes will help speed up pace of play and also eliminate some current penalties.

The Girvan Golf Club’s Walter Linton competition will be held this coming Sunday 23rd April instead of the 30th April as scheduled in the fixture list. The Carrick Speakers Open competition will now be held on the 30th April. The Turnberry Golf Club Wednesday medal brought in as winner Stuart Mitchell (22)68 followed by Duncan Pieroni (23)69 both played on the Kintyre Course and in third place David Courtney (8)75 on the Ailsa Course.


‘Long Driving, if it be not the most deadly, it is certainly the most dashing and fascinating part of the game; and of all others the principal difficulty of the golfer to acquire, and his chief delight when he can manage it.’ Henry Brougham Farnie author of the first ever golf instruction book in 1857. Obviously a man aware of the pleasures of golf and of passing it on to others.


Some interesting facts come to light in the most unusual circumstances.

At the football’s European Cup last year Iceland did particularly well mainly due to Government support by making all sorts of facilities available.

Now it seems that there are more golf courses per capita in Iceland than anywhere else in Europe.

There are 65 courses which can be played from May to August each year for a population of 321,000. So work it out for yourself.

Because of this Icelandic golfers are welcomed on to the tour with Olafia Kristinsdoffir becoming the first from Iceland to earn an LPGA Tour card. Hopefully more will follow. It is amazing to realise that the most prolific users of Girvan golf course do not have a season ticket or pay a green fee.

I am of course referring to the rabbits that proliferate the course but I understand that all is now in hand and Girvan golfers can relax as we have now been officially informed that Rentokil have been instructed by South Ayrshire Council to dispose of the rabbits on the course.

Whilst I was playing the fourteenth hole last week, there must have been 30 or 40 rabbits enjoying life on the left of the hole quite undisturbed by the golfers passing them by. They obviously came out of the railway embankment without any thought that their burrowing could undermine the embankment and may cause considerable damage.

The damage on the golf course is there for all to see and should have been attended to before now. However, hopefully the golf course is now in the safe hands of South Ayrshire Council and all will be dealt with.

Bugs Bunny may be a cute little fellow but to leave him in charge of a golf course quite undisturbed is totally unacceptable.

We shall just have to wait and see how successful Rentokil are, but at least something is now being done. We hope that this treatment will also deal with the mole problem to let golfers go out and enjoy their sport.



1st Mrs. J. McMillan 44 pts; 2nd Mrs. L. Gordon 38pts bih; 3rd Mrs. M. Foster 38 pts


Silver Division: 1st Mrs. A. Grant (20) 68; 2nd Mrs. L. Nimmo (18) 75; 3rd Mrs. E. Munro (13) 76

Bronze Division:; 1st Miss M. Kelly (26) 74 bih; 2nd Mrs. C. McCrindle (23) 74 3rd Mrs J. Dunlop (21) 76