Inward half earns Robert win in February medal at Girvan

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The Girvan Golf Club February medal resulted in a win for Robert McCluskey 34 Stableford points off a handicap of eight by virtue of a better inward half than Allan Copland also on 34 points handicap (11).

These gentlemen were followed by John McDowall (10) 33 points and Stevie Johnston (6) 33 points.

For all those members of Girvan Golf Club who have yet to renew their subscriptions, Bernie Mills the Club’s Subscription Secretary will be in the Committee room at the clubhouse on Friday 24th. February between 6 and 6.30pm. All members thinking of competing in the March medal should remember that they are required first to have paid their subscription for 2017.


Winston Churchill who never had the benefit of playing golf, in any case it was probably a game he would never have had the patience for, once said ‘Playing golf is like chasing a quinine pill around a cow pasture’.

Now think about it, why a quinine pill? What has that remotely to do with golf? Why a cow pasture, it is usually sheep who graze the fairways in order to keep the grass short. With a cynical approach like that he is obviously a man you would never like to see on a golf course.


The weather is certainly improving which is to the benefit of all who like to play golf, and whilst it is nice to join your playing partners in the clubhouse for some refreshment afterwards, remember that most men have chores like mowing the grass or picking up milk and groceries on the way home. Golf in itself can take anything up to four hours to play which makes the time you have left short.

People are therefore finding it difficult to fit it all in, therefore the golfing powers are currently considering competition rounds of six holes to enable golfers to combine golf with a happy marriage. Mind you most golfers’ wives appreciate that their husbands will spend an inordinate amount of time chasing a wee white ball around a field! There is of course the option of the ladies joining their husband on the tee.

I am just playing around with the thoughts expressed by the golfing powers who like to control the game, as after all there are more female golfing officials now sitting in the seats of power. One wonders how much influence they will bring to bear in the future.

A touch of philosophy to finish with, ‘Do what makes you happy, be with who make you smile, Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as long as you live’. I recently saw this on an office wall and thought how it must express the pleasures of playing golf.