It’s wet, wet, wet at Girvan’s captain vs past captain match

The changes will help speed up pace of play and also eliminate some current penalties.
The changes will help speed up pace of play and also eliminate some current penalties.

Sunday dawned wet, very wet as the Girvan Golf Club members gathered to play the Captain versus Past Captain match to herald the official opening of the Gent’s season.

However the rain did eventually cease and we had a very pleasant afternoon. The golfers who had waited behind to see if the rain would stop decided to go out in a Texas Scramble over eight holes and the team consisting of Past Captain Gregor Mackintosh, Robert McMaster and Malcolm Swan came in to win with the team of Captain James Baillie, Steven Stamper and Graeme Andrew in second place.

The usual games of pool, dominoes and cards followed and no doubt all enjoyed a fun afternoon. The Girvan Golf Club March medal resulted in a win for Malcolm Swan (16) 40 Stableford points having a better inward half than Kenny Nicholson (11)40 who was followed by Jim Cameron (14)37 and Robert McCluskey (8)37


Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made their names as comedians and film stars, but were also very keen golfers. Bob Hope is quoted as having said, ‘If you watch a game it is fun. If you play it, it’s recreational. If you work at it, It’s golf’.

His partner Bing Crosby stated, ‘Gentlemen play golf, and if you aren’t a gentleman when you start, after the crushing events of the game you surely become one’. A well said remark as golf is a game played at leisurely pace in good company and has no room for any unsporting actions.


The cost of a putter always amazes me. When you consider it is the club which is not swung with any force, does not have to hit the ball hard, and consequently does not have any strain put upon it, yet is one of the most expensive clubs in the bag.

What mystique does a putter have to demand such a price? If you wish to purchase a Scotty Cameron putter, are you really prepared for a second mortgage on your house and the thought of having to sleep with it under the bed?

So what do they have to create such a demand, I know that every shot counts the same and missing a short putt can be very frustrating, but to demand such a price whew!.

I realise that the grip on a putter has to be something special, likewise the face has to be softly milled so that you can have a feel for the putt, and I also appreciate that a golfer who is good at putting can save a lot of shots and win a few tournaments, but does he/she have to pay so highly for the club in question?

I naturally leave the answer to these questions to you, as you will have to make the decision as to what the worth of a good putter is to you.

Harry Vardon said that putting is a game within a game and Willie Park junior stated, ‘The man who can putt is a match for anyone’. He considered his statement proved when he beat Harry Vardon in 1899 mainly due to his putting.

Mind you in those days the putters were hickory shafted and had quite a degree of loft as the greens were not as smooth then as they are today. No matter whether you can afford a Scotty Cameron putter or not always enjoy your golf.