Malcolm is Girvan club’s New Year trophy winner

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The Girvan Golf Club’s New Year Cup was played on 3rd January 2017 and produced a winner in Malcolm Swan (16) 33 Stableford points followed by Stevie Johnston (6)31 points, Richard McEvoy (18)31 and Michael Morgan (13)31 also on 31 points.

In the Girvan January medal played last Sunday James Baillie came in with the winning score of (9)34 Stableford points followed by David Hereon (17)33, Stevie Johnston (6)33, William Roberts (12)33 and Alec McKenzie (15)33 points.

Girvan members are again reminded that the Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 29th. January 2017 at 6pm. At which a good turnout is to be hoped for.

Over at Turnberry in the Bottle competition played on 2nd January Stewart Cook came in to win with (3) 40 Stableford points followed by Grant McIvor (1)35, David Strachan (2)34,A. Todd (12)30 and Dominic Booth (3)28 points.

The GEORGE SPRUNT MEMORIAL INVITATION SWEEPSTAKE. The Committee of this annual competition wish to record their congratulations to Andrew ‘Tic’ Murdoch on him achieving his 60th Birthday.


A very true quote from Hugh Bonneville ‘At twenty you know everything, by the time you are forty you have not got a clue.’

How true that can be, as when you are young, you putt without any worries or concerns and most of the putts go straight into the hole. But when you get older you worry about all the twists and turns on the green between you and the hole and it becomes a problem.

It is much the same on the whole as life itself, which I am sure was what Hugh Bonneville meant.

Think about it and try and go back to your youth at least mentally??


With winter upon us you can always prepare yourself for whatever the weather throws at you by doing some Isotronic exercises which may help you build up strong wrists and forearms. Remember isotronic exercises are where you grip a hand exerciser in each hand and squeeze a number of times.

Alternately you can press your palms together in a prayer position and push very hard for ten seconds then stop for ten seconds before repeating the exercise four times to gain any benefit. I told a friend of mine about Garry Player’s tip for the elderly golfer which was to step through the ball on all distance shots.

Being an elderly golfer he tried it when we were playing a game and what an improvement it made as every ball went straight down the middle.

I shall wait and see if he continues with it as it should certainly reduce his handicap. Golf has many so called expert’s opinions, most of which should be tried out first on the practice ground before being discarded or taken on to the course.

Sam Snead is known to have said ‘Once you are on the tee think of nothing else but hitting the ball’. Good advice, as too much thought on to how you swing back, how to follow through, how to accelerate through the ball etc. etc. can only confuse and bring about a duff shot.

All those thoughts should be made when on the practice ground where all golf suggestions should be tried out there first before taking them on to the course. This is of course when out practicing and not during a warm up before going out to play as that is a different appraisal.

But once on the course remember you are there to enjoy yourself. By the way my friendly Turnberry caddie master is still short of the bags for the practice balls and hope that they will be returned shortly.