March date is set for Girvan club’s season opener

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The Saturday medal at Turnberry on 25th February resulted in a win for Richard Devenish (9)68 followed by R. Kilpatrick (4)77 and Gerry Donaldson (9)78. Richard Devenish had the lowest gross score of the round.

This coming Sunday 12th March is the Girvan Golf Club gents opener, the Captain V. Vice Captain match will take place and all competitors are asked to be at the clubhouse at 10am where they will be treated to a burger roll before the event and soup and roll afterwards. A list is on the notice board for all those wishing to compete. The official opening of the refurbished Girvan clubhouse took place on Monday morning with officials from South Ayrshire Council, Councillors Alec Clark and Bill Grant together with members of the golf club all in attendance.

Mrs. Margaret Milligan, clubhouse steward and provider of all the refreshments from Maggie’s Pantry, officially cut the tape and Councillor Alec Clark who was the main mover and shaker of all the refurbishments said how pleased he was to be connected with all the excellent work that had been done. A vast improvement over the previous situation where the clubhouse allowed free access to the wind and rain.

Mr. Clark went on to say that the work was long overdue and a lot of time and effort had gone into the project. Councillor Bill Grant also drew attention to the improvements at Belleisle and Troon stating that Ayrshire golf was now getting the recognition it was due.


‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about golfing in the rain’. An anonymous quote hanging on the wall of an office in Glasgow. Hubert Green on winning the Open ‘All of a sudden I ‘m an expert on everything. Interviewers want your opinion of golf, foreign policy and even the price of peanuts’. That is what you get from becoming a prominent sportsman.


No doubt you have all read a summary of the proposed changes to the rules of golf. There seems to have been a mixed reception for them , with the rules attempting to improve the time taken to play a round being mainly applicable to the professional golfers in tournament rounds which can bring in a mouth watering amount of winnings.

The professionals appreciate that every bad shot can be costly, so they take an interminable time in studying them. The average amateur is happy to play at a reasonable pace keeping up with the people in front, and looking forward to some refreshment in the bar afterwards. However too many newcomers to the game think it necessary to follow the professional attitude where every shot and putt is studied from all angles before even taking a club from the bag.

Mind you the new rule that instead of dropping a ball from shoulder height, allows it to be dropped an inch from the ground can pose a problem for such as myself as getting down and back up from that level could prove difficult. There are other rule changes such as accidentally touching your ball no longer incurring a penalty, and one or two other changes which will have to be studied and carefully thought about, but they do not come into operation for another couple of years.