Peter Rae elected as Turnberry captain at club’s recent AGM

The changes will help speed up pace of play and also eliminate some current penalties.
The changes will help speed up pace of play and also eliminate some current penalties.

At Turnberry in the Vice-Captain’s Prize Medal played as a Stableford under full handicap brought in as winner David Strachan (2)35 points on the Ailsa course followed by Robert Pringle (14)38 points Jim Nicol (5)37, Ian Rorison (5)37, John Foster (14)37 and Stephen Simpson (16)37 all on the Kintyre course.

On the 25th. March in the Saturday medal Scott Clare came in to win on (3)62 followed by Alexander Jack (6)67, Bill Clare (14)67 and Robert Keen (18)67.

The results of the Girvan competitions have yet to be computerised and will be reported upon as soon as possible.


Alister MacKenzie a golf course architect - ‘A good golf course is like good music. It is not necessarily a course which appeals the first time one plays it’. Gary Player once commented ‘Anyone who criticises a golf course is like a person invited to a house for dinner who, on leaving, tells the host that the food was lousy’. Well both comments are understandable, a piece of music or a golf course could depend on the mood you were in when sampled and as we all know in certain circumstances it is better to keep your mouth shut.


The Annual General Meeting of Turnberry Golf Club was held last Saturday which brought in Peter Rae as Captain and Jim Nicol as Vice-Captain. Popular Clive Douglas the previous Captain can now take a well earned rest after two very successful years in the post. Tom Paterson and Dominic Booth continue as secretary and assistant secretary respectively . Being Captain of a golf club is not just a position of honour, as it brings with it a succession of meetings, negotiations and trying to find a way to accommodate the wishes of all the members. I think that it was Winston Churchill who said that ‘you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time’.

Not always easy and being captain does bring with it problems and is not always as popular as one would think. Just imagine having to arbitrate on the rules of golf particularly when some members ask you to make a decision on a situation over which two members have a differing view of the rule. Most of the rules can be interpreted or misinterpreted in various ways and the Captain is usually the one who is approached to make a decision. On another subject did you know that it was William Blossom and Arthur Douglas who patented the first ever portable teeing device in 1889. Prior to that a golfer had to create a mound of sand, the sand usually provided, on which to place the ball. Blossom and Douglas may have designed the first portable tee and I have no idea what it looked like, but when you look at the various shapes and sizes that are now available it makes you wonder what they started. I am informed that if you tee the ball low it encourages a fade, if you tee it high you are looking for a draw. Do not just take my word for it, as first you must prove this for yourself on the driving range. But no matter whether you tee the ball high or low make sure that you go out to enjoy your game.