Praise indeed for improvements on Girvan course and clubhouse

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The sun is shining, the Ayrshire coast is looking great and the golf course beckons.

The Girvan Golf Club gents and ladies section played on 10th. May for the George Robb Trophy in memory of an excellent head green keeper of the Girvan course. Gregor Mackintosh (4) 42 Stableford points came in to win followed by Paul McCluskey (7)41, William Roberts Jnr. (16)40 and Andy MacFarlane (13)38 points. The ladies were represented by Sandra Deeney and Jill Bone. All the aforementioned gentlemen should check their handicaps before playing in another competition.

Over at Turnberry in the Wednesday Medal on 10th. May Peter Keenan came in with the winning score of (2)70 on the Ailsa course followed by B. Young (12)66 on the Kintyre course with D. Semple (10)74, Duncan Kerr (6)75 and C. McVicar (8)75 all on the Ailsa course


Ben Sayers a Scottish professional golfer in 1890 quoted’ A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no-one’. Now Ben Sayers was a great manufacturer of golf clubs, but I have rarely seen a Ben Sayers putter although presumably there must be some about. All golfers appreciate that a putt counts the same as a three hundred yard drive. Lee Trevino in winning the US Open at Merion in1971 quoted ‘I didn’t beat Merion. I just compromised with her, like a wife, trying not to let her have her way too often’. Lee Trevino had a way with words as he did with any golf club, be it putter or driver.


The rabbits still tend to frolic over the Girvan golf course although I have seen a weasel at least twice dashing across the fairway with a baby rabbit in its mouth. Rabbits may be cute little things but on a golf course which becomes littered with burrows and scrapes in the ground attempting further burrows, they become a pest. Mind you in spite of the rabbits the Girvan golf course has been showing some excellent improvement over the past few weeks, particularly the greens and praise is praise indeed coming from the members who have mentioned this to me.

The golf club notice boards are up at last, and the club is grateful to South Ayrshire Council and in particular Councillor Alec Clark for all the improvements to the golf clubhouse. I have always thought of golf as a social sport which includes socialising after the game in a comfortable clubhouse enjoying some refreshment whilst contemplating the good and the bad of the round just played and the paying or receiving of any funds due. Maggie’s Pantry provides the refreshments which are best enjoyed in good surroundings which is what the Girvan golfers now have.

It is perhaps interesting to note that the original 13 rules of golf arose out of the need to gamble on something more than prize fighting or bear baiting. Consequently, the Leith Code consisting of these thirteen rules formed the basis of the game which is enjoyed by so many people today. John Ratrray, a Scottish surgeon, has gone down as the author of these rules and was one of an elite group of gentlemen golfers who wanted to spread the pleasure of golf by inaugurating the first ‘Open-to-all’ competition in 1744. No doubt many bets were wagered on the competitors.

However nowadays there are many, many golfers all over the world who enjoy this sport together with any wager they have on the outcome. So make sure that you are one of them.

TURNBERRY GOLF CLUB LADIES SECTION; LADY AILSA TROPHY 1 Round 1st Miss E. Heggie (12) 77; 2nd Mrs. M. Foster (17) 78; 3rd Miss A. Brown (16) 79