Turnberry event brings back memories of ‘duel in the sun’

Turnberry's Ailsa course.
Turnberry's Ailsa course.

The results of the Turnberry Golf Club Fenton Trophy, a foursome completion under a medal format, brought in Ewan Kemp and A. Weir net 63 as winners followed by John Broadfoot and Alan Forbes net 65 runners up.

The Turnberry Wednesday medal of 8th March on the Ailsa course resulted in a win for Colin McElwee (11)75 followed by Gary Peters (15)76, James Byers (6)80, A. Cartwright (11)80 and Brian Young (12)80.

Over at Girvan the weather was so bad on Sunday that no-one ventured out to play in the Dryborough Cup.

Next Sunday 26th March will be the Finnie’s Shield a foursome competition. Let us hope that the weather improves by then.


Doug Sanders famous for losing a playoff in the 1970 Open with Jack Nicklaus, caused by a missed putt on the final hole stated ‘ Walter Hagan said that no-one remembers who finishes second.

But they still ask me if I ever think about that putt I missed to win the 1970 Open at St. Andrews. I tell them that it sometimes doesn’t cross my mind for a full five minutes’. Sanders also went on to say that ‘The trouble with golf is you’re only as good as your last putt’.


Girvan Golf Club members will be pleased to know that Bernie Mills, the Subscription Secretary, has come through his big operation very well so far, and was last seen sitting up in bed no doubt ready to collect any unpaid subscriptions.

Well done Bernie we all look forward to seeing you back amongst us shortly. Turnberry members and their guests had a good night in the clubhouse last Friday with a showing of the 1977 Turnberry Open which became known as the ‘Duel in the Sun’.

The show was followed by a superb steak supper and a pint of beer or a glass of wine, making it a good evening for all.

Some of us were actually there in the crowd at the time of the Open watching the events unfold, and no doubt we were now watching the show to see if we could see ourselves as others see us.

Mind you as it was 40 years ago it would be difficult to recognise yourself let alone anyone else. There was one impressive shot on the screen of the golf ball in flight backed by forked lightning.

It was good evening hosted by the club and organised by Club Captain Clive Douglas and Social Convenor Jim Nicol who both deserve a lot of credit for arranging such an excellent evening. Putting is a very important part of golf, yet it is a game within a game. It does not matter how far you hit the ball off the tee, or how close you get to the pin with your chip, if you cannot putt you will find it hard to score well.

Likewise it is always frustrating to play against someone who dribbles his/her ball up the fairway to reach the green in say three shots and then sinks a long distance putt for a four. Ah well that is golf so do not let it worry you as it is a game to be enjoyed.