Turnberry ladies gather for club prizegiving night

Turnberry ladies prizewinners at their presentation on Wednesday night.
Turnberry ladies prizewinners at their presentation on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening the Turnberry ladies under the captaincy of Jenny Morgan gathered in the clubhouse to enjoy an evening meal and to present the prize winners with their trophies.

As usual some left without a prize and some left with more than one, but all enjoyed a delicious meal and a very sociable evening.

The prize winners were as follows: The Margaret Kinloch Trophy for the Turnberry Ladies Club Champion- Liz Brown, The Margaret Gordon Salver for the Turnberry ladies Bronze Champion- Jenny Morgan, Mackie Challenge Trophy-Maureen Kelly, Elsie Inglis Trophy-Elinor Heggie, Lady Ailsa Silver Jubilee Bowl-Liz Brown, Lady Ailsa Trophy-Elinor Heggie, Piersland Salver-Alexandra Brown, Past Captain’s Salver-Liz Brown, Centenary Trophy-Alexandra Brown, R&A Plate-Fiona Warrender, Kathleen Briggs Memorial Trophy (winter Foursomes) Anne Greenall/Karen Watson, Mary Wilson Quaich-Maureen Kelly, Agnes McCall Trophy-Jean McMillan, David Logan Scratch Medal-Elinor Heggie, European Bowl-Elinor Heggie, Jessie Boyd 2x2 Lynda Gordon/Jean McMillan, Cockburn Cup-Kane Kendall/Alan Woodward, Tait Salver-Pamela McKay/Sean Keane, J.B.Gordon Stewart Salver- Pamela Cumming/Peter Wiseman, Eclectic-Silver Alexandra Brown Bronze- Maureen Kelly, Medals Final Silver-Lesley Brown, Bronze –Jean McMillan, Spring Meeting Silver-Anita O’Connor, Bronze-Anne MacKenzie, Autumn Meeting- Anne Grant. Congratulations to all the winners but also congratulations to all who took part as without them there would be no winners.

QUOTATIONS OF THE WEEK; Walter J. Travis an American golfer playing at Sandwich in 1910 stated ‘ I have had, ever since I have been at Sandwich, one of the worst caddies it has ever been my misfortune to be saddled with. This young man, about twenty -six years old, was a natural born idiot and cross-eyed at that’. I suppose the poor caddie did not receive a tip after complaints like that. Gary Nicklaus on caddying for his father ‘Do I disagree with him on course strategy? Never-unless he is wrong’.

TALES FROM THE CADDYSHACK; I read a report in the weekend newspaper that pilots of military aircraft and private jets on using Prestwick Airport may be treated to a round of golf at Turnberry.

Well I never, I knew that Trump wanted to attract high flyers to his resort but I did not imagine it to be in these terms. A flyer in golfing parlance is a shot usually to the green, where the ball flies further than intended, usually caused by grass coming between the clubface and the ball decreasing any backspin.

This new form of flyer brings a whole new dimension to the sport as I did not think that the pilot of a military aircraft had any discretion as to where they flew, and the number of sets of golf clubs allowable on a military aircraft may come into question. We shall just have to wait and see. My ubiquitous caddy master has been celebrating his 60th birthday in Tenerife and on walking into a bar found several of his friends waiting for him to buy them a drink.

They thought the caddy master had flown to Tenerife for his celebrations especially to get out of buying them a drink. I am sure that the celebrations went off well, particularly as his team Rangers have now won two games consecutively.

Just imagine, Saturday and Sunday were both good days, we are not often blessed in that manner so go out and enjoy your golf whenever possible.