Turnberry Wednesday medal win for Duncan Kerr

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The Turnberry Golf Club Wednesday medal was played on the 8th February and resulted in a win for Duncan Kerr (6) 68 followed by Richard Devenish (9) 69 and Adam Boyd (12) 70.

The Girvan Golf Club February medal was played over the Girvan course last Sunday and I will have the results for next week’s Gazette. The eighth green at Girvan is on a plateau and if you look at the banking on the shore you will notice that it is full of rabbit holes leading to burrows under the green. If we have a dry spell it looks as if this green could subside. The Council have been made very aware of the position regarding rabbits invading the course and creating problems for the golfers. Last week I inadvertently said that the Girvan Match Secretary Bernie Mills would be at the clubhouse on Saturdays 12th and 19th. February to collect subscriptions. Whilst I got the date right I should have said Sundays. I hope that everyone understood that the 12th and 19th February were Sundays and did not present themselves on the Saturdays.


Davis Love III stated ‘The worst thing that can happen is for someone to click a camera on a player’s backswing. The media photographers out there go to great pains not to violate that rule. But the fans carrying little box cameras have become a real problem’. Now can you imagine what could be going through a player’s mind when he hears the click ‘What do I look like and is my swing as I think it should be’ Whilst a woman golfer would be worrying if her hair was Ok and whether her skirt came up too much at the back and if she was exposing too much?’ Perhaps not but to upset them as much as they do must bring some thoughts to mind..


My ubiquitous caddy-master has not only the missing practice ball bags to worry about but also the mats which you have to take round with you on the Ailsa course, as many of those are now missing.

He wonders if some members have a plastic garden lawn on which to practice their shots. If you have any of the aforementioned items please return them to the caddy-shack as soon as possible at least before our Caddy-master loses all his hair.

After all the rain we have had followed by freezing weather some of the puddles on the course are covered in ice. I take it that as frozen water you have the right to move the ball to a dry spot. What about bunkers full of water of which the surface is ice?

Of course if the ice is thick enough you can be very brave or foolish enough to stand on it and play your shot. I would like to someone do that. But in the meantime I will spend a lot of time in the practice shed trying to hit a semblance of good golf shots despite it being very cold.

Did you know that the first Rules of Golf Committee was established at the Royal & Ancient Club of St. Andrews in 1897.

However whilst the Committee was established in 1897 to oversee golf everywhere in the world, apart from the USA and Mexico, the game’s first rules were drawn up on 7th March 1744. No doubt all this was done in the warm confines of a good hostelry where arguments could be settled over a dram or two.

Anyway we can all thank them for defining a game we can all enjoy.