Quotations of the week

Hell's Half Acre at Pine Valley.
Hell's Half Acre at Pine Valley.

Well here we are into March with little golf played, a sad state of affairs, but we look forward to plenty of golf when the weather will let us.

Hopefully that will be soon, but in the meantime think about cleaning the clubs, cleaning and dubbing the shoes and shaking the mud off your waterproof trousers.

If when cleaning your golf balls you use a rag containing some furniture polish you will find that your ball does not pick up too much mud. All things to encourage better play when you can get back on to the course.

The Girvan Subscription Secretary, Bernie Mills reminds members that they have had six weeks to renew their subscriptions and those still unpaid have until the end of March to pay otherwise they will have to go through the formality of applying for membership.

Those still unpaid are recommended to keep an eye on the Club notice board where he will state the days and times he will be available in the clubhouse to accept subscriptions.

Girvan Golf Club has decided that, notwithstanding the weather it has every intention of playing this season’s opener, the Captain Vice Captain match this Sunday 9th. March around the first part of the course, the number of holes yet to be decided.

This is of course subject to the weather, but it is intended that all those wishing to compete are asked to be at the clubhouse at 9am. for rolls and coffee, with the first tee time scheduled for 10am.

After the golf a games competition will be held in the clubhouse comprising pool, dominoes etc. All members are welcome to take part.

The Captain Jason Roberts is looking for a good turnout and Vice-Captain Gregor Macintosh, newly returned from Australia is keen to show how much his golf has improved.


Another bit of trivial information to keep you amused whilst waiting for the rain to stop.

Do you know what is considered to be the largest golf bunker in the world? Well to save you scratching your head and losing more hair, I will tell you, it is known as ‘Hell’s Half Acre’ on the 585 yard seventh hole of the Pine Valley Course in New Jersey.

Mind you it has one thing in its favour, it is not revetted. But with half an acre to get out of it does not need revetting. However considering large bunkers I am reminded of the first hole at Machrihanish where you stand on the tee and consider how much of the beach you can hit over to reach the fairway.

Mind you the fairway does run in a curve from the tee alongside the beach, but it is tempting to think you can clear as much of the beach with your drive to leave it as near the green as possible. The beach is not out of bounds but with the tide out there is an awful lot of sand.

It is tough being an Ayr United supporter as no matter how well they do they have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot. Losing 3-0 to Airdrie was bad enough but to have two players red carded as well was more than enough to create despondency.

With all the bookings Ayr have suffered this season it will soon be difficult to field a team. Michael Moffat’s suspension has hit Ayr harder than the player, so where do we go from here? Ayr United is such a friendly set up without great crowds making it difficult to gain access and the ones that do attend are friendly and long suffering.

However, I will no doubt be back in the stands again cheering them on in the hopes that I can go home afterwards feeling that I have seen a glimmer of better things to come.

When the sun comes out grab the chance to play a few holes, it may only be a few before the wind and rain picks up, so remember to take your waterproofs with you and enjoy what you can. ‘There are always better times to come’, some hopeful philosophy from an Ayr United supporter.