Samuel Clark moves to semi final stage

Athletic A were gifted a 10-0 walkover over the Hamilton after a no-show in the Samuel Clark Cup on Monday night.

Other results were Boars Head 9-1 Athletic B, Kings Barr 2-8 Vic, Victory Bar 6-4 Vaults.

After the two legged affairs, the Athletic A, Boars, Victory Bar and Vic progress to the semis.

Including the games played on February 16; Best Games: 16 Alan McDowall - 17 darts: Liam Mooney - 19 darts: Gavin Collie, Joe Devlin - 20 Alan McDowall

Check Outs: 160 & 141 Joe Devlin, 120 & 110 Ross Beauchamp, 106 Gavin Collie.

180s: Jake McDowell, Alastair McLeish.