Sandra and Susan are welcome additions

Donald Trump is a huge golf fanatic and has bought Turnberry. Picture: Contributed
Donald Trump is a huge golf fanatic and has bought Turnberry. Picture: Contributed

The Girvan Ladies having cleaned their clubs were out brightening up the Girvan golf course on Thursday 23rd April competing for the Jenny Robb Trophy which was won by Elinor Heggie with Sandra Deeny runner up.

On Thursday 1st May in the May Medal Sandra Deeney came in with the winning score followed by Susan Law runner-up.

Elinor Heggie is an old favourite of the Girvan Golf Club ladies with many trophies under her belt, but Sandra Deeney and Susan Low are both new members and are a very welcome addition to the club.

The Girvan Golf Club men’s section competed for the May Medal last Sunday resulting in a win for Jason Roberts (12)68 followed by Alan Gaff (5)61, Ian Alexander (18)61 and Willie McMeikan (1)62. That was a good round from Willie McMeikan who had the best scratch score of the day on 63.

Meanwhile over at Turnberry the Saturday medal of 26th April brought in Scott Clare (5)70 followed by Paul Ferguson (0071 and Scott McCahill (1)71.

The Turnberry Bob Adamson Trophy which is restricted to seven clubs was won by Stewart Allan (7)74 followed by Ian Rorison (5)75, James Byers (6)76, William Young (16)76 with Jack Galloway, Mark Passant and John Hodge all on nett 78.


Lord Wellwood in 1890 stated ‘Constitutionally and physically women are unfitted for golf. They will never last through two rounds of a long course in a day. Nor can they ever hope to defy the wind and weather on our best links even in spring and summer. Temperamentally the strain will be too great for them’. Obviously Lord Wellwood had not met and played with the ladies of South Ayrshire who frequent the Turnberry and Girvan courses and who take these conditions in their stride.

Kathy Whitworth, a top American LPGA Professional, once commented ‘I’d be the fat lady in the circus right now if it wasn’t for golf. It kept me on the course and out of the refrigerator.’



Well I know that you will be expecting me to be shouting the news from the top of Somerset Park stadium that Ayr United beat East Fife to qualify for the play offs to see who will accompany Rangers into the Championship.

Ayr have reached their exalted position by the poor performance of teams all around them, but we are there so we must make the most of it. Tonight, Wednesday evening, we are hosts to Cowdenbeath whilst on Saturday we shall be venturing into Fife and the stock car stadium where Cowdenbeath play their home games. If you are an optimist like myself the following Wednesday and Saturday we will be playing against either Stranraer or Dunfermline. Stranraer would be my preference as I like their stadium and it is not too far to travel. We shall just have to wait and see.

Well, we have all heard the news about Donald Trump and Turnberry which I do not see as a bad thing.

The hotel needs a lot of money spent on it and Donald seems to have an abundance of funds and is a golfer knowing more about the golfer’s needs than the previous owners.

He surrounds himself with experts in all fields who will no doubt not only promote Turnberry worldwide, but also the surrounding area inviting their American and overseas clients to come over and sample an Open Championship course in the heart of Burns country near Culzean Castle where General Eisenhower had a flat presented to him by a grateful Scotland.

The whole area abounds in history, something the Americans love, which will be well understood by Trump’s entourage, and that could well help the tourist industry and no doubt provide employment locally. You never know, but with Trump’s influence we may even get a Maybole by-pass and a new swimming pool for Girvan.

Wishful thinking I know but to hold an Open, the surrounding area will have to come into consideration as it will require more accommodation than Turnberry can provide and a person like Trump will appreciate this. Exciting times and I hope that Donald Trump takes his time sizing up the exquisite investment he has acquired and not rushing into things.

In the meantime the likes of myself can continue to enjoy golf with my biggest investment being perhaps a new putter or a golf bag.

That no doubt applies to most of us, but beware Mr. Trump, if my friendly caddy master gets hold of you, he could well talk you into financing yet another Rangers take over.