Sandra wins the Ladies May Medal trophy at Girvan

Well the sun is shining but the wind can be cold, this of course does not deter the Girvan ladies who ventured on to the Girvan course with Sandra Deeney nett 76 winning the May medal by virtue of a better inward half than Roz McCulloch also on nett 76.

In the Handicap Trophy Cath Ramsay came in to win on nett 77 followed by Susan Low on nett 79.

At Turnberry playing over a course combining parts of the Kintyre and Arran in the Wednesday medal on the 11th May Richard Devenish came in to win (10)67 followed by Billy McCulloch (0)69, Stephen Simpson (15)70. Billy McCulloch had the lowest gross score.

In the Bob Adamson Trophy in which only seven clubs are allowed Ian Rorison (4)70 and Douglas Holmes (16)70 will have to play-off to decide the winner. They were followed by Craig Stevenson (11)72, Greg Jardine (10)74 David Sledmore (8)74, Kenneth Young (12)74 and Jack Galloway (11)75.


Harvey Penick a top golf coach of the past ‘The woods are full of long hitters’.

Fuzzy Zoeller ‘When I first came out on Tour, I swung all out on every tee shot that my drives finished so far off line my pants were grass stained at the knees.’


Talking about putting one day I was told that the famous actor Douglas Fairbanks was a keen golfer and In 1930 entered the Gold Vase tournament which was sponsored by Golf Illustrated perhaps the oldest golf magazine. At lunch after the first round he was asked how he had played, ‘Like a Motorboat’ he answered, ‘Putt putt putt putt’. I know just what he meant. He obviously did not have that ‘heavenly putter’ which is advertised to stop you three putting let alone four..

Harry Vardon was due to play against a very long hitter and his friends were expressing their concern for him. Vardon said ‘Don’t worry, how long is the first hole?’ to which the reply was ‘360 yards’, Vardon ‘Can he drive the green?’, no was the reply to which Vardon said ‘ Well I can also get there in two’. So you see confidence is the main thing in golf and distance is of little concern.

Some golden oldies will remember Johnny Weismuller, the Olympic gold medal swimmer who also played Tarzan of the Apes on the movies. He was known to be a regular participant in the Bing Crosby Pro-Amateur tournaments. One year he hit his ball into a cypress tree and after climbing up to hit it out he clung to a branch one handed and swinging himself back and forth beat his chest with his other hand screaming the Tarzan yell. The things you come across on a golf course. I was a fan of those old Tarzan movies and would have loved to play golf with Johnny Weismuller and Jane of course.

Well the Girvan Clubhouse is at last receiving long overdue attention and for this we must thank Alec Clark. Hopefully it will not take too long and be well worth the wait when it is finished.