Shirt sleeves in April - whatever next?

Golfers out in shirt sleeves in April, what can we expect next, however when the sun dips behind a cloud or a haar comes down it can be quite cold.

Over at Turnberry the Logan Trophy came to a conclusion after three rounds with the scratch section being won by Mark McMillan 72+74+76=222 followed by Steven Stamper 78+73+73=224 and John McBeth 72+77+76=225 all very close.

The handicap section also went to Mark McMillan nett 70+72+74=216 followed by John Broadfoot 75+72+70=217 and Campbell Devlin 74+74+71= 219.

The Girvan Probus took on the might of the Ayr Probus over the Girvan course on Monday which resulted in a win for Girvan by four games to two.

The weather was very cold and windy accompanied by a short burst of painful hail but that did not deter these old fellows who battled on regardless This is a sociable occasion followed by an excellent meal in the Royal Hotel where all the missed putts were discussed in detail. If anyone says that the result is irrelevant you can be sure that it was by a member of the losing team.


Bob Hope on his reason for playing golf ‘I’d give up golf if I did not have so many sweaters’.

‘How are you getting on with your new clubs?’ asked the golfer walking into the bar and spotting a friend. ‘Fine’ was the reply ‘They put twenty yards on to my slice.’ This was Dai Rees on golf in 1959, a Welshman who played in the Ryder Cup long before Ian Woosnam ever lifted a golf club.


Golf is a game enjoyed by a lot of people who find the exercise beneficial as well as the fun of competition.

It can be played by all ages and it is not always necessary to complete 18 holes if you find less sufficient. It is a game that teaches sportsmanship more than any other.

You can of course find a golfer who rattles his change just as you are about putt, or the golfer who coughs as you are about to drive, but I have seen a golfer turning himself into a knot so as not to sneeze at an inappropriate moment.

You meet all kinds on a golf course but principally good sportsman who will clap your good shot whilst grinding his teeth in frustration.

Keen golfers are always interested in the performances of past golfers who played masterly with equipment a lot inferior to those they have in their own bag. One such golfer was George Duncan born in 1883 in Methik, Aberdeenshire.

He had excellent athletic skills and was offered professional football with Aberdeen but turned them down to follow his favourite sport of golf playing in the Ryder Cup in 1927, 1929 and 1931. But George only won one major championship and that was the Open at the Royal Cinque Ports, Deal in 1920 the first Open to be played after World War one. After two rounds he was so far behind that his name was not even mentioned as he was by then thirteen shots behind the leader Abe Mitchell. However blustery conditions for round three put paid to Abe Mitchell as a major contender and come round four George Duncan managed to beat Sandy Herd by two shots to win the Open. Quite an amazing feat to come from so far behind to win and you must realise that to do so he shot a final round of 72 which in those days and with the equipment available was a very good score.

During the four rounds George Duncan refused to give up and continued to play his own game putting his good drives down to a new driver he picked up from the exhibition tent the morning of the third round.

George Duncan became a golf course designer and much sought after golf teacher who was known as ‘The Pro’s Pro.’ as many of the top professionals sought George’s advice to cope with their problems. So there you are never give up until the final putt drops into the final hole.


Well I never, Ayr United ran up four goals in beating Stirling Albion last Saturday and now we have to face the formidable Forfar next Saturday.

A win against Forfar would confirm our stay in Division 1, but Stenhousemuir have to play Stirling Albion on the same date and all will depend on the results of those two games. Mind you Ayr could have run up more than four goals against Stirling as the whole thing could depend on goal difference. We shall just have to wait and see, but with fingers crossed.