Slumming it in Australia

Well we shall shortly be into the final month of 2013 and next week I will be reporting on Girvan Golf Club’s December medal.

At this time of year there is little golf about locally except of course for those that would brave anything to get out on to a golf course.

I know a few of them and can sympathise with their problems as playing under very windy conditions does not improve your game.

There are those poor hard done by professionals slumming it out in the Australian sun or the even the hotter desert sun. The fortunate ones will come home with their pockets bulging with cash. I must move on before I become depressed.

I have been given a new golf handbook to take around the course as it provides a few tips for the faithful.

There are various chapters and one in particular is aimed at me Chapter 1 ‘How to line up your fourth putt.’ There are quite a number of chapters and I will give you a few each week. Chapter 2 ‘How to hit a maxfli from the rough when you just hit a titleist from the tee’.

The book also includes some golfing terms such as a poor shot which runs a long way ‘A son in law’ because it turned out better than expected. ‘

A Circus tent’ is a big top. ‘A Paris Hilton’ a very expensive hole.

As I have already said more to come next week.


Golf Monthly commenting on the increasingly difficult standards set by the USGA in major championships in the 1990s stated, ‘The USGA’s goal in life, at the US Opens anyway, is to take players to the limit of endurance, not physically but mentally.

Frustration, fear, dashed hopes, tantrums, they are all on the USGA’s wish list. And they usually get what they want through a combination of ribbon wide fairways, five inch rough and extremely hard and fast putting surfaces.’. Well is that all, for a while I thought that they were going to bring in revetted bunkers to really bring them down to earth.


I have heard that South Ayrshire Council have approved a paper titled ‘Consolidating and Developing Golf South Ayrshire’ brought out on 25th September 2013 which may upset quite a few golfers who reside and pay rates in South Ayrshire. I suggest that if you can obtain a copy of this paper you should study it very carefully.

I have received the loan of a book by Bernard Darwin on ‘Golf Between the Wars’. Bernard Darwin was a very highly rated writer and golf correspondent, the book is not only an interesting read, but very easy read. No stuffy succession of facts, and as I have mentioned a book very easy to read and difficult to put down. The book came out in 1944 published by Chatto & Wyndus and no doubt with Amazon etc. a copy may be found in time for Christmas.

Books on golf are great but do not let them stop you from getting out on to the course.