Summer meeting at Turnberry

Last Saturday proved to be a day where golfers find sitting in an armchair and dreaming of a good round better than trying to control a golf ball.

The Summer Meeting at Turnberry was postponed due to the very high winds and no-doubt will be rescheduled.

However come the Sunday a complete change in the weather allowed the Girvan Club to play the June medal, unfortunately I do not have the results as yet and will include them in next week’s column. I can report on the latest results for Girvan in the Ayrshire Summer Scratch League with on 15th. May Girvan beat West Kilbride at home by five games to one. On the 5th.June Girvan lost to Welbeck away by five and a half to a half and look forward to the next round which will be on the 12th. June when Girvan will play Ardeer away.


Craig Stadler who is a rather stout golfer once stated ‘I wish they would talk about my golf and not my wardrobe. Print my score and not my measurements’.

Robert De Vincenzo who must be well known to many of the golfers who have been playing for a number of years ’Next time I come back as a golf writer. No three putts. Never miss a cut. And somebody else pays’. But having said that there is always Angel Gallardo, a Barcelona golf writer who played in and won the Spanish Open in 1977 ‘What the hell do I say about myself? I fantastic player? I win fantastic play-off?’ So you can see from this both sides of the coin.


We have all been watching with interest the re-birth of Turnberry hotel and golf courses and no doubt you will find an up to date report on its progress elsewhere in this Gazette.

Some of the changes may not be to everyone’s taste but something needed to be done and no expense has been spared. I only hope that I can still afford it when the ship steadies and regains normality.

Well Tiger Woods had the highest score of his professional career an 85, sad but not as sad as that of Ray Ainsley who back in 1938 was playing in the US Open at Cherry Hill Golf Club in New Jersey where he was desperately trying to make the cut. Playing his approach to the 16th hole he found the stream in front of the green and strangely was unaware of the rule whereby he could take a penalty drop outside the hazard.

He therefore attempted to hit the ball out of the water which unfortunately was in a fast moving stream taking the ball along with it. Ainsley desperately tried to hack the moving ball out of the stream which he eventually did and the ball finally made the hole to a score of 19 the highest score ever recorded on an individual hole in an US open. Ainsley’s final score was 96 and as he limped wet footed into the clubhouse he commented that he had killed a lot of fish. Needless to say that he did not make the cut. So always remember that no matter how bad your round may be, there could always be someone worse off.