Tavern and Victory win darts derby clashes

Results from Week Four of the Girvan and District Darts League:

Athletic Tavern A 9-1 Athletic Tavern B, Kings Barr 2-8 Hamilton, Vaults 7-3 Boars Head, Vic 3-7 Victory Bar.

The Tavern A and the Victory Bar both came out on top in their derby clashes, the Hamilton secured another 2 points up at the Barr whilst the Vaults had a fine win over the Boars Head.

Best Games: 14 darts - Jake McDowall 16 darts – Paul McCluskey, Darren Paterson 18 darts: Darren Paterson 20 darts: Justin Nicholl 21 darts: Len Wilson, Michael McCloskey, Darren Paterson, Brian Earle Jnr.

17 dart pairs: Len Wilson/Stuart McCreadie.

180`s: Ross Beauchamp, Gavin Collie. 174: Len Wilson.

Check outs: 134 Darren Paterson, 94 Justin Nicholl.