Tees out of action at Girvan course

South Ayrshire Council consider all the tees on the Girvan course need renovating and have consequently put them out of play for the winter while the work is done.

This meant that the Lloyd Wilson Trophy due to be played last Sunday had to be postponed and any competitions which have to be played during the winter months will be non-counting.

The Winter Stablefords will continue to be played on a non-counting basis for handicap purposes, however any one racking up a tremendous score can be adjusted under the appropriate rule.

In Turnberry Golf Club’s Saturday medal of 31st. October Campbell Devlin came in with the winning score of (7)73 followed by Duncan Kerr (5)74, Gordon Tulloch (16)77, Alexander Jack (6078, David McCubbin (20)78 and John Hogarth (12)78


Tom Watson on British golf fans ‘Galleries understand the game and are very respectful. In my opinion, it’s the last civilized country left in the world.’

David Brenner a comic ‘I don’t like watching golf on TV. I cannot stand whispering’.



Well the new golf rules are out for everyone to discuss and agree or disagree. But do not think that they are engraved in stone as I am quite sure that all rules may be amended whenever the R&A and the USGA decide it has become necessary.

Consider the rule covering the golf ball which states ‘The ball the player plays must be named on the current list of conforming golf balls issued by the R&A’ ‘The weight of the ball must not be greater than1.620 ounces and the diameter must not be less than1,680 inches’. ‘The initial velocity of the ball must not exceed the limit specified under the conditions set forth in the initial velocity standard for golf balls on file with the R&A. The combined carry and roll of the ball, when tested on apparatus approved by the R&A, must not exceed the distance specified under the conditions set forth in the Overall Distance Standard for golf balls on file with the R&A’. All this is in the rules which only stipulates the size and weight of the ball, all other conditions are those on file with the R&A which presumably means they can be adjusted subject to R&A and USGA coming to agreement. But rules are there to be followed generally subject to the friendly four ball making their own allowances.

From a book on the ‘Golden Rules of Golf’ comes a warning about five hour rounds and courses becoming a tedious boring 7,000 yard plus layouts that have no personality. The book even suggests that the tournament pros. play with a special ball making the design of these long tedious courses unnecessary . The rest of us can play with balls that flatter us and make it all the more enjoyable. Apparently the idea of a ball just for professional tournaments is very much in the mind of a lot of people and is now a real possibility. Not before time to stop the constant necessity of altering, hitherto golf courses of historical influence, to cater for golfers hitting prodigious distances with the latest balland equipment.. The article finishes by saying ‘In spite of that, or perhaps because of it, we’ll always find a way to enjoy ourselves’.

Not everyone will agree with the foregoing, but give it some thought as there is even consideration being given to reverting back to 12 hole golf as it was apparently in the beginning. This is because it is taking longer and longer to get round a course and the popularity of the game is currently on the wane.